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Welcome to Mrs. Troendle's Site!




Hello, and thank you for visiting my site. I've been teaching here at JFK for three years, and have taught many grade levels at DDE and elsewhere. I really enjoy teaching Kindergarten. I believe that there are many ways to help children learn and achieve success, and I encourage them daily to always be positive and to always try their best.

This year, I am co-teaching with Mrs. Conicella.  I will be in her classroom all day; I also have a classroom of my own where I can pull students as needed to work with in smaller groups.

I use the Kindergarten Reading and Math series as well as a multitude of additional programs and teacher-made materials to teach the core curriculum standards.

I hope you will visit this site frequently to use the links I've provided, and to see what's going on in our classroom. You also know that you can call or write me a note any time, and I will do the same.  My email address is