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Life Threatening Food Allergies



The following forms must be completed and provided to the school nurse no later than the first day of school (along with current medication in the original packaging - no student may carry medication for safety reasons):


Emergency Health Care Plan:  EHCP 2017.pdf 


Allergy Aware Table:  LTFA BTSD Peanut Table.doc 


 The following form must be completed only once, upon entry into district:  AllergyQuestionare2015.pdf 




Here at school, we have developed an Allergy Aware Environment that recognizes that with repeated exposure to an allergy producing substance comes more severe allergic reactions(s). At the present time, there is no cure for food allergies and the only way to manage the allergy is to avoid exposure to the allergy producing substance. 


In order to avoid potential exposure we have put the following safeguard into effect:



Parent/guardian and student responsibilities:


· Review and approve the cafeteria menu and refer all ingredient related questions to Aramark Food Services.


· Provide the school nurse with necessary allergy medications.


· Provide allergy information to the transportation department/bus driver.


· Assist the student in the self-management of the food allergy by identifying:


      -Safe/unsafe food and strategies for avoiding the unsafe foods (do not share food!)


      -Encourage student to tell an adult when they are experiencing allergy related symptoms




Nurse responsibilities:


· Educate staff members regarding signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction.


· Ensure that medication supplied by the parent/guardian (in accordance with Board Policy) is available should an allergic reaction occur.  School nurse will e-mail parents approximately one month prior to medication expiration to provide    adequate time to obtain current medication. 


· Provide appropriate signage outside of allergy aware classrooms and notifiy teachers of allergy aware environments.




Staff responsibilites:


· Our current party policy states that no outside food will be brought into the school, students will eat their normal daily snack.  Parties will consist of activities such as games, song, craft, story telling but no outside food will be consumed.


·Staff member will not provide food for lunch or any school activity without it being checked and approved by you in writing.



Although no one can guarantee that an exposure to your child’s allergy will not occur, the creation of this Allergy Aware Environment should enable us to protect your child from exposure to the allergen producing substance.  Your cooperation with this matter is greatly appreciated.  We can all work as a team to keep our children safe!