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The following forms must be completed yearly and given to the school nurse on/before the first day of school:


Asthma Action Plan: Asthma-Treatment Plan.pdf 


If your child has asthma, you likely have many questions how we can manage their asthma here at school.  There are several steps we can take to keep our children safe:


Parents responsibility:

 Ensure that you have provided the nurse with the following:

*Asthma Action Plan completed by the doctor

*Current medication in the original packaging with pharmacy label and tubing (for nebulizer treatments)

*Please communicate to the school nurse if you have provided a treatment in the morning prior to school (this prevents giving too much medication)


Nurse's responsibility:


*Educate staff regarding the signs/symptoms of an asthma attack and also review triggers for that student

*Store labeled medication in an easily accessible secured area 

*If student will be attending a field trip, provide medication to the sub nurse or parent/guardian 

*Notify parents when a treatment has been administered 


Staff responsibility:


*Notify school nurse when a child is experiencing breathing difficulty

*Send student to health office with a buddy when safe to do so or reach out via walkie talkie for emergency situations