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Welcome to Mrs. Fuller's Class








I look forward to working with your children this year and helping them grow.

Remember...your child will be more successful if we work together as a team!

If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me.









   This year, the students will build upon the English skills that they have mastered in previous years.  Through many exciting activities, the students will learn the following:

    ~ Literary Skills (Forms of Prose, nonfiction/fiction, Plot, Setting,     


         Characterization, Theme, Point of View, Poetry, Mythology, Folktale,




   ~ Response to reading (open-ended question responses)
   ~ Grammar - usage and mechanics  
   ~ Vocabulary - spelling, definition, parts of speech, various uses
   ~ Speaking and listening skills
   ~ Critical thinking skills


Students are required to bring to class daily:
    1.  Black or blue pen or #2 pencil
     2.  Agenda Book (to post upcoming assignments and test dates)

*** Daily homework consists of 10 minutes of independent reading***

Grading Scale:


Tests/Quizzes 70%

Classwork 30%
                                         100 - 90    A
                                           89 - 80    B
                                           79 - 70    C
                                           69 - 60    D
                                           59 -  0     F




Class Rules:



•Respect your teachers and your classmates.


•Follow all instructions.


•Stop and listen when you are called to attention


•Stop and listen when the teacher is speaking.


•Stop and listen when another student has been called on to speak.


•Raise your hand when you want to speak.


•Stay in your seat unless permission is granted to leave your seat to sharpen your pencil or gather supplies.