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 HIB Procedures

These steps follow the mandated timeline given by the NJDOE.


If a verbal and/or written incident is reported and it is determined that an investigation is necessary, the following with begin within 24 hours:


1)  An investigation will begin and will be conducted by any or all of the following:  Anti Bullying Specialist, Anti Bullying Coordinator, and/or the School Principal. 


2)  Once the investigation is completed, a written investigation report will be submitted to the School Superintendent. (Within 10 school days of the date of the initial written/verbal report).


3)  The School Superintendent makes decisions based on the written report provided.


4)  The School Superintendent will report the results of the investigation to the Board of Education at the next scheduled meeting.  Results cannot be presented to the Board of Education until the investigation is completed.


5)  The School Superintendent will provide parents with information from the investigation within 5 school days after the report to the Board of Education.


Additional information is available in the following link from the NJDOE website:



Quick Reference: Conflict vs. HIB (Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying) 



  • Are mutually competitive or opposing action or engagement.
  • Includes disagreements, arguments and fights
  • A normal part of growing up and of life.



  • Is one-sided
  • One or more students are victims of one or more person’s aggression, as it applies to the HIB definition under the ABR.
  • The intent is to physically or emotionally hurt someone.