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School Based Counseling Services

Hamburg School offers school based counseling services to help meet the needs of their students within the district.  The school counselor helps students to succeed both academically as well as socially during the school day.  When a student is struggling in one of these areas, the counselor will collaborate with your child’s teacher(s) to determine if they could benefit from counseling in the school setting.  Individual and group counseling are options that are available to help assist students during the school day.  School based counseling focuses on issues that either occur at school or are directly affecting a child during the school day.  If a child requires additional support, the school can provide a list of resources within the community. If you have any questions and/or concerns please feel free to contact me at the school. 



 Week of Respect 2018 (Oct 1st- Oct 5th)


  • Monday, October 1st :  Blue Shirt Day


Wear a Blue shirt to support the World Day of Bullying 


Blue Shirt Day, World Day of Bullying Prevention is a national initiative held on the first Monday of October. STOMP Out Bullying created this exciting initiative where people are asked to wear a blue shirt in an effort to join together in solidarity to stop bullying


and cyberbullying.

Tuesday, October 2nd :  Everyone Counts Day:


Wear a shirt with numbers on it today!!!


 Take the time to recognize others (students and staff) for their acts of kindness. Sometimes we are so busy,  that the smaller acts of kindness are overlooked. Try to keep a positive attitude throughout the day…

Wednesday, October 3rd:  


School is a Safe Place to Be Yourself!!!


Show who YOU are...


Wear your favorite outfit and hairstyle today for School Picture Day!!!!!!


Keep that smile going all day and see how many you get back!


  • Thursday, October 4th :


Stand Up to Bullying: United We Stand:


Have everyone wear their School Spirit wear!!!


Be an Upstander!!!


  • Friday, October 5th :


HERO Day: Help Encourage Respect Others


Dress up like a HERO!!!


(Real life or Superhero)


Do just that! Take every opportunity to help someone at school today whether you know them or not.


Second Step: 

Students in grades K-5 particiapte in Second Step Lessons once a week.  On the left hand side of my webpage are Home Links that parents can click on to review/practice the skills that their child(ren) are learning each week.  Practicing these skills at home gives your child the opportunity to share what they have learned, but also allows you to reinforce what is being learned at school. The program runs for 22 weeks and the Home Links are updated weekly.


Program Skills and Topics: Grades  K–3

Unit 1: Skills for Learning
   Listening -Ÿ Focusing attention - ŸUsing self-talk - ŸBeing assertive
Unit 2: Empathy
   Identifying one's own and others' feelings and ŸTaking others' perspectives
   Showing care and concern for others
Unit 3: Emotion Management
   Understanding strong feelings  ŸIdentifying and managing strong feelings
   Calming down strong feelings
Unit 4: Friendship Skills and Problem Solving
   Making and keeping friends ŸCalming down and using Problem-Solving Steps
Program Skills and Topics: Grades 4 & 5
Unit 1: Empathy and Skills for Learning
Using self-regulation skills to succeed in school
Developing the ability to have empathy
Expressing compassion
Unit 2: Emotion Management
Identifying and managing strong feelings
Using strategies to calm down strong feelings
Unit 3: Problem Solving
Solving problems on one's own
 HIB Procedures

These steps follow the mandated timeline given by the NJDOE.


If a verbal and/or written incident is reported and it is determined that an investigation is necessary, the following with begin within 24 hours:


1)  An investigation will begin and will be conducted by any or all of the following:  Anti Bullying Specialist, Anti Bullying Coordinator, and/or the School Principal. 


2)  Once the investigation is completed, a written investigation report will be submitted to the School Superintendent. (Within 10 school days of the date of the initial written/verbal report).


3)  The School Superintendent makes decisions based on the written report provided.


4)  The School Superintendent will report the results of the investigation to the Board of Education at the next scheduled meeting.  Results cannot be presented to the Board of Education until the investigation is completed.


5)  The School Superintendent will provide parents with information from the investigation within 5 school days after the report to the Board of Education.


Additional information is available in the following link from the NJDOE website:



Quick Reference: Conflict vs. HIB (Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying) 



  • Are mutually competitive or opposing action or engagement.
  • Includes disagreements, arguments and fights
  • A normal part of growing up and of life.



  • Is one-sided
  • One or more students are victims of one or more person’s aggression, as it applies to the HIB definition under the ABR.
  • The intent is to physically or emotionally hurt someone.