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"Red Card" Behavior Consequence


During class, if students are not focused, not doing their work, being disruptive, etc., they will receive verbal warnings from me. But when it reaches a certain point, I will announce to the class that we are now on the "Red Card."


The students know that this means this is the last warning for everyone. If they continue negative behavior, I start writing names down. I don't say who I wrote down, so if the student believes he/she is on the Red Card, they have the opportunity to improve their behavior for the rest of class to get off. However, if they continue with negative behavior, they stay on and then they receive a Writing Ticket that is to be done for homework, signed by a parent, and returned the next day. We are using this method in ELA, Math, Social Studies, and Science.


The Writing Ticket Assignment:


You must write a complete one-page essay describing the following:


  • Explain your behavior.  Why are you on the red card?
  • What classroom rules did you break?  
  • What could you have done to get off the Red Card?
  • How can you improve your behavior?
  • Is there a teacher or a classmate to whom you need to apologize?