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Assessments - 40%

Quizzes - 25%

Classwork - 25%

Homework - 10%




Tests/Projects/Quizzes: An ample amount of notice is given for both tests and projects. Quizzes may be given at any time – announced or unannounced. 


Classwork: Students are expected to work hard and use their time wisely in class. All classwork should be completed with effort in class. However, it may be assigned as homework if the student didn’t use time wisely or didn’t complete with effort.


Homework: Homework assignments are always posted on my website and on the designated “Homework Board” in class. Students will be required to use their assignment books to write down the homework every time it is assigned. Homework is announced multiple times during the class period. Completed assignments are due the next school day, unless otherwise noted by me.


Extra Credit: Opportunities for extra credit will be offered several times throughout the school year and is an excellent way to boost your grade in ELA. Extra credit is work above and beyond the work required in class, not work used to replace missing assignments.