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August 2017

Dear Fifth Grade Learner,


I am so excited for the upcoming year! We are going to have a fantastic time learning together and discovering so many amazing things. We will fill our days with many fun and challenging projects, lessons, and activities! I will be your homeroom teacher and will be teaching STEM Humanities. Mrs. Shackleton will be teaching Math and Science, and you will switch to meet her for those subjects. As a member of the Farina-Shackleton team, you will spend one half of your instruction time with each of us!


One of our goals this year is to build a caring environment where we all feel valued and safe. It will be our mission to find ways each day to be kind, inclusive and considerate to each other, as well as the younger students at Bear Tavern. Remember you are the role models and leaders of our school. What a wonderful responsibility!


This year we will be busy brainstorming, exploring, researching, designing, creating, writing, and expressing ourselves. Below you will find a supply list for September.


2 five subject notebooks

 1 all in one eight pocket folder ( Oxford All-In-One Portfolio)

 1 large box of pencils

 2 thin black permanent markers (for outlining, example: ultra fine point Sharpie)

 1 soft, zippered pencil case

 1 set of colored pencils

 2 Expo Dry Erase markers

 Post-it notes

 2 highlighters

 1 glue stick

 1 handheld pencil sharpener

 Set of headphones with case or plastic bag

A small drawstring back pack


You will need to have your supplies on or before Friday, September 8, 2017. We will set up our supplies together in school on this day. This includes labeling and organizing the folders. Please do not do this ahead of time. We will have time each day for a snack. You may bring in a healthy snack and a water bottle if you like. We will go over some healthy snack ideas during the first week of school.


Please begin thinking about your goals and dreams for 5th grade. My goal is for you to wonder, ask questions and be inquisitive. These are key ingredients to becoming lifelong learners. It is my hope that you embrace mistakes and failure as part of the learning and problem-solving process. Life is all about making good choices, and if you come to 5th grade ready to focus on giving your very best effort, well, then there is no limit to what you can achieve!


Enjoy the rest of your summer. I encourage you to read a couple of good books or at least the newspaper or some magazines. We will be discussing some of the things we read this summer in September. This is your time to enjoy and read, I don’t mind what it is, just read - even if it is cookbook recipes! We have a great school year ahead of us. Remember to bring your enthusiasm, smile, and positive attitude! Kindness is all that really matters!



Mrs. Farina