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"Day 1" 

September 11 (A Day) or September 14 (B Day)

Friday, September 11, 2020 is the day we remember the events of 9/11/2021 in the USA. It's called Patriots' Day. We will discuss it in our classes on Friday and Monday.


I'm experimenting with a calendar to send out each month to help you keep track of your schedule and specials. Here's my first shot; feedback welcome!


Note that we will ALL meet at 2:00 today for our first SB All-School Meeting of the year!


"Opening Day" 

September 9th (A Day) or September 10th (B Day)

Welcome to 2W!


Please be sure to read my Welcome Letter

and check out the other links on the left!


Your first 2W challenge:

Which is more important: Numbers or Letters?

Why do you think so?


See you soon!

 Mrs. White