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   Spreadsheet Review Games


 Katie Jeopardy

 Harper Snowman


 Tori Jeopardy


 Megan Hangman


 Colin Hangman


 Muskaan Hangman


 Brooke Snowman



Period 3A Games




Period 7A Games




Period  3B Games




Period 7B Games



Start Here:  This is QUIA.  It is a set of 4 study games with 1 list of words.

 1. Click FLASH CARDS and read through each one.  FLIP the cards to see the definitions displayed.

 2. Click MATCHING.  Play 4 matching games.


 4. Click WORD SEARCH.  Use definitions to know which words to look for.




   Now play QUIZALIZE.  Class Code djp4792


Quizalize Spreadsheet Game


    These next 5 links are games called "Rags to Riches."  They are like the game, "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" There are several games with different questions.  You may not know every term in the games below. I did not create these games. Don't worry!  You will only be quizzed on the terms we did in class! You may review with a partner.


Rags to Riches #1               


Rags to Riches #2               


Rags to Riches #3                          


Rags to Riches #4



Rags to Riches #5


This is the vocabulary Quizlet we used to study for the vocabulary quiz.  You still need to know these terms for this quiz.