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Meet the members of the First Grade Expert Club who are teaching your child about social skills in the classroom.


    • Responsible Ryan
    • Ready to Learn Robert
    • Respectful Rachel
    • Really Safe Rita


These experts help children to think about and understand their role in the classroom.  What does it mean to be part of a classroom community?  How can I be kind and a good friend to others?  How can I show I'm ready to learn and get my work done?  How can I stay safe at school?


I sometimes tell the students to make sure they are following the 4 R's. I'm sure you are already teaching your child these skills but it is sometimes beneficial for children to have information presented in the same manner at home and at school so I would encourage you to discuss these experts with your child.   Maybe even use these experts at home should the need arise.  


Here are the expert posters which you can click on to view:



First Grade Experts created by Lyndsey Kuster.