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Mr. John Messiha

                                                                                                            Algebra II

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Course Description:  This course is designed for the student to enrich and enhance their knowledge of Pre – Algebra.   Problem solving skills and the ability to structure and solve open-ended questions are also developed in the class.


Supplies:  A binder will be provided to each student.  Each child should provide their own notebook and pencils, and both should be brought to class each day. Every student will be provided with access to the textbook online.  Textbooks will be provided for students without online access.  Notebook quizzes may occur during each marking period and may be announced or unannounced.  Therefore, students should assure that their notebooks are kept in order at all times.


Homework Policy:  Homework will be assigned in this class every night and will be carefully selected with the intention to assure that all exercises are extremely relevant and beneficial.  The expectation is that homework will be completed each night.  ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN IN ORDER TO RECEIVE CREDIT!  Every day the teacher will check that each student has completed his/her homework. 


Quizzes:  Quizzes will be given in this class as deemed necessary.  These may be announced or unannounced.  Generally quizzes will be taken in class:  however, at times take home quizzes may be assigned.  


Test:  Three to six tests will be given each marking period.  Test dates will be announced at least two days prior to the test being administered.  Additionally, upon the conclusion of each marking period a quarterly exam will be given.  An average of the 4 quarterlies will count toward 1/9 of the final grade.    Projects will be assigned, and assigned to either a test or quiz grade.


Participation:  Success in this, or any classroom, is directly related to the students’ participation in the classroom.  It is encouraged that students remain active members of this learning community throughout the year in order to assure that they are gaining the most out of the material. 


Grading:  The grading system followed in this class will be the following------



                   Homework------------------ 15%


Classroom Expectations

You are expected to:

  • Be responsible by coming to class prepared every day and following directions the first time given
  • Be seated in your assigned seat
  • Be an active member of the class everyday
  • Complete the daily homework assignments
  • Work with and respect all members of the learning community
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Follow all policies set forth by the Bayonne High School Code of Conduct Handbook


Mr. Messiha is expected to

  • Come to class prepared to teach everyday
  • Be actively engaged in instructing class every day
  • Be prepared to answer questions about the previous night’s homework
  • Work with and respect all members of the learning community
  • Strictly enforce all policies set forth by the BHS handbook


Classroom Procedures

Entering the Room:  Please enter quietly, have a seat in your assigned seat, take out your materials, begin the warm-up assigned.


Class dismissal:  The teacher dismisses you not the bell, do not start packing up before bell, and wait for the teacher to dismiss class.