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 Welcome to Mrs. Miller's math website.  My email address is  My Philosophy is that "Life is a word problem. Solve it."


 Please come to class everyday with the following:

  • 3 Subject Notebook
  • Record & Practice Jounal
  • 2 Pencils
  • Agenda

 I use the Big Ideas Math Book and IXL, as well as other online sources to deepen your   understanding of 7th grade math concepts. We start with engaging activities to help you connect to   previous knowledge. I am always available to help through google classroom or after school.


Google classroom: Math Section 1/2  Class Code: q3gy01

                          Math Section 3/4  Class Code: 7gr91j

                                       Math Section  6/8   Class Code: 6rkafw2


Mrs. Miller Math Syllabus:   Mrs.Millerrules2018.doc .pdf   can be downloaded and printed. Seventh Grade math is filled with critical life skills.  I hope we have fun learning these important life skills.