Dover Middle School Vision

“Every Student Every Day, All The Way To Proficiency and Beyond!”

The Dover Middle School Staff has the vision, courage, wisdom, talent and professional knowledge to lead every child to achieve proficiency and beyond.  We will identify how each individual child learns best.. We will use current effective research, data, and effective instructional strategies to provide an engaging learning environment.  We will provide a real world learning environment, which is safe, and promotes a positive-open communication among parents and community members.  This will empower our children to work together to become ready to take on the educational, social and character to become successful at the next phase of their life.


Dover Middle School Mission Statement

Realizing that middle school students are in a unique period of transition from childhood to adolescence, we at the Dover Middle School in partnership with the parents and community members are committed to providing a safe and creative learning environment, so that all learners can increase their knowledge and skills and perform to their greatest potential while also acquiring the life skills necessary to become productive citizens of tomorrow in the global community.


Core Beliefs from All Shareholders at Dover Middle School…

  • At DMS every student will achieve high standards given sufficient time and the right support
  • DMS community believe every child is an individual
  • DMS staff  will provide a loving, encouraging and nurturing environment
  • DMS staff  will encourage parents to be active participates in their child’s education
  • DMS staff  will teach to the highest standards given the right conditions and assistance
  • DMS staff  will identify how each child learns best
  • DMS staff will put student learning first
  • DMS staff will hold the highest level of expectations and apply early interventions
  • DMS staff  will value time on task
  • DMS staff and Dover Community will provide an environment for all children to feel safe
  • DMS staff, administration and school board  will be constantly improving our instructional strategies
  • DMS and district staff will use frequent monitoring of students’ progress to drive student learning and teaching
  • DMS staff will make a real-world connection for all children with new knowledge
  • DMS and district administration will provide the resources to carry out the best instruction
  • DMS staff and district administration will stay current with technology
  • DMS staff will keep our community informed and involved






Dover Middle School was off to a great start this year moving into our nice new middle school building.  We were able to move into our new facility three to four months early.  Thanks to everyone that made the early move in date possible.  With the new facility our children are no longer in the rain between classes, we have a safe area for kids to go during tornadic weather and we have increased learning time for the students. We have increased in the number of students going from a 6-8 building to a 5-8 building, moving with our total enrollment to 432 students.   Our free and reduced rate is at 61.26%.  At Dover Middle School, we have 40 certified staff members, 16 classified employees and several supportive district staff. 


We are pleased with our ACTAspire test results for the first year.  The percent of students READY for college and career is based on a range in 5th -6th grade scores on the ACTAspire are as follows: English 71 to 88%, Math 41 to 67%, Reading 34 to 62%, Science 39 to 64% and Writing is 29 to 56%.  Our focus to improve the number of students to be READY should be in deep reads and writing reflections in all core areas.  We are also working on better remediation of student gaps by using the Moby Max program in additional enrichment periods.


In order to increase student engagement, the middle school has moved to one-on-one technology in all classrooms. The Literacy classes have laptops, the math classes have IPads, science classrooms have flip Chrome books and all the classrooms have new Epson projectors.  We have implemented Moby Max as a remediation and assessment tool for all students.  In our schedules we have added additional enrichment classes for students to get extra help.  This will provide students time to work on areas of weaknesses and challenge students needing more challenging work. All this new technology doesn’t come without a price.  The technology team has worked tirelessly to get equipment installed and working.  With all the technology additions and moving into the building we have only had most of the technology working for the past few weeks.  We also are implementing a lot of job embedded training for the staff in the new technology equipment, Google Classroom and Moby Max.  The heart of the school is not the shiny new building or the wonderful new technology, it the dedicated and compassionate staff that teaches, loves and molds your children every day. 


Mrs. Collins and I are honored to be working with your children and want the best learning environment possible for ALL our students.  This is just a brief overview of some of our programs and initiatives for the 2016-17 school year.  If you have any questions, concerns, or would like more information about our programs or school goals, please feel free to contact Mrs. Collins or me at (479) 331-4814 or email us at or

Thank you for sharing your kids with  us.




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