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I hope everyone is staying safe and inside!! 

Please make sure you are checking your school emails and replying back to me. Check in at least once a week with me to so I know you're doing okay! If I don't start hearing from you through email, then I will be calling home so please email! 


Algebra II: Each Monday there will be an assignment posted on MathXL. It is due at the end of the week, on Friday. Your user name should be: "shs_first initial then last name". Example: mine would be "shs_gbrown". Password is: Shsmathxl2020


Personal Finance and Financial Math: 


Listed below are three different links to articles written by Dave Ramsey.  There are questions I have provided that you need to answer using the information from the each article. They need to be written in COMPLETE sentences using proper grammar and punctuation. If I can't understand what you are saying then you will not receive credit for your answer. 


All you need to do is hit reply and answer the questions to each article. 


Let me know if you need anything!


Mrs. Brown


ARTICLE 1: Dave's Thoughts on Gas Prices



After reading this article, answer the following questions:


  1. Name at least two things that are luxuries that Dave mentions in this article?
  2. First things first, what must you remember first?
  3. What does Dave suggest you do to plan ahead?
ARTICLE 2: Car-Buying Tips
After reading this article, answer the following questions:
  1. How can you avoid car fever?
  2. According to Dave, how should you negotiate when buying a car?
  3. What do you need to be willing to do?
  4. What percentage of value does the car lose in the first four years?
  5. What is the purpose of buying a vehicle?
ARTICLE 3: Let the Buyer Beware



After reading this article, answer the following questions:


  1. What does "caveat emptor" mean?
  2. Where did this meaning come from?
  3. Who's job is it to make sure you're not getting duped?
  4. How many advertisements a day do Americans see? How many a year?
  5. Fill in the blanks:  "More than ______ of the time, purchasers do _____pay it off within the stated period and end up paying _____  ______ than they anticipated".
  6. What 3 things should you do to avoid making unnecessary purchases?
  7. What is something you have bought and then later regretted buying it? (it's called buyers remorse)


Assignment for the week of 3/30-4/3



Please go to the following link then answer these questions:



  1. Why is it recommended to work with an investment pro?
  2. What kind of advisor is NOT a good a fit?
  3. What's the most important thing to remember?
  4. What does Dave recommend for how to your advisor should be paid?



My name is Genny Brown and I teach Algebra 2, Personal Finance, and Financial Math at Springfield High School. This is my 11th year teaching. I have taught Math, Texas History, and PE. I'm excited to be here teaching math again!

I have been married for 7 years to Zac Brown. We moved to Louisiana 6 years ago from Texas and  have enjoyed Livingston Parish and making great friends! We have two sons, Reid, 6, and Ryan, 8 months. Reid is in first grade at Springfield Elementary. 


I look forward to a great year and watching your student grow. Please don't hesitate to contact me if have any questions or concerns. 


Thank you,


Genny Brown