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What is Middle School Up To?


Do not forget your toy for our CHOP toy drive. Thank you! Due: December 14th



Grade 6 -


Please bring in an ornament by Thursday, December 13th, for a creative writing assignment


Vocabulary - chapter 5 test December 18



Grade 7 - Youth Group December 19th 


Grammar - please complete all your exercises by Tuesday, December 11th, for our test review

Textbook ~ page 19 ex. 2, page 21 ex. 3, page 23 ex. 1, page 26 ex. 1


More Grammar - page 28 Please do exercise 2.1 only...answers only. DUE: tomorrow, 12/12. Look for the subject, then the verb, ask yourself what (direct object) and if you have a direct object and the adjectives are after it, your adjectives are most likely object complements. Look for the subject and then see if there is a linking verb and if there is one you most likely have a subject complement. The before and after the noun adjectives are easy enough. Use your text to over each skill so you are prepared for Thursday's test


Vocabulary - chapter 5 test December 18 



Grade 8 - Youth Group December 19th 

Pretzel money due Wednesday, 12/12


Vocabulary - chapter 5 test December 18


The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom - chapters 5 - 8 due January these chapters and bring in the novel on this date and we will complete the writing assignment in class. There will be NO time in class to read!!! Reading should be done at home. Thank you.