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New Immigrants


Liberty Ellis Foundation - Search for an ancestor who went through Ellis Island or read about Ellis Island or the Statue of Liberty.

Become an immigrant - A tour of a New York City tenement.

Interactive Tour of Ellis Island - Take a tour of Ellis Island, read immigration data.

Lower East Side Tenement Museum - More information about the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.

Virtual Tour of Ellis Island

Mission US: A City of Immigrants - A game about life as a new immigrant.




Thomas Edison


Click here to complete Finding Edison.

Click here to complete The Invention Factory.




Debating Emancipation


Click here to navigate to the Debating Emancipation site.  Don't forget to record your answers on the worksheet.



 A Diary of Vicksburg


Click here to read the diary of Vicksburg (or use the binders in Mr. T's classroom).





Civil War Videos


Click here to watch a video about Vicksburg

Click here for a video about Shiloh


Click here for a video about Antietam