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January 21-25

What's going on in 3rd grade??


 Math - We will be continueing division with chapter 7.  Please continue to practice multipliction flash cards!!

 ELA - This week we are reading an informational text Aero and Officer Mike.  The skills we will be working on are Author's purpose, point of view, and summarizing

   Grammar - Pronoun-verb agreement

   Vocabulary - Prefixes in- and im-

   Phonics - Words with ar, or, ore

   Spelling - Vowel + /r/ sounds

Science -  We will study how different animals grow, live, and change.  We will also learn how animals are grouped and how they adapt to different environments.  Ch, 2 test 1/23/19

 Religion -   As we read chapter 10, we will learn about the different types of prayer.