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Dear students and parents/guardians,

            I would like to welcome each of you to the sixth grade! This is my second year here at High Mountain School as a sixth grade math teacher and I look forward to a fun and mathematical year with you all. 

            As the school year begins, please take time to review the student handbook, as well as any forms that will be sent home. During the first couple of days of school I will be going over the classroom procedures and expectations and we will be reviewing past math concepts in order to get ready for the upcoming school year. (To start off, please be sure to know and continuously review your multiplication facts through twelve.) Students are expected to be respectful, work hard, and do their best every day!


      The textbook we will be working with this year is Scott Foresman – Addison Wesley EnVision Math, which should be covered throughout the year to keep in the best condition. Each day, students will come in, take out their homework, and immediately start working on the Do Now, which will be on the board or a handout will be in their assigned tray to be taken as they enter the room. There will be homework each night and it will be checked each day. If a student misses class (due to illness, music lesson, etc.), it is his/her responsibility to make up the assigned homework, as well as any activities from class that day. Any misbehavior will also be handled promptly and I will be in touch with parents/guardians, as well as Ms. Mazzola, if behaviors continue.

            I am looking forward to meeting you at our Back To School Night on October 2. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns throughout the school year I can be reached via email:


Together we will have a wonderful school year!


J. Perez