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Recommended Literacy Websites: 


The Common Core Standards for New Jersey are posted on the link below:

It is important for parents to understand the expectations that are provided to ensure that all students are prepared for their future as life-long learners.  Parents may view the standarads for each subject matter and grade. 


Reading Planet is an engaging website for students. allows children to participate in book reviews and “kid’s polls” by answering questions about characters from popular stories.  Students can learn about a featured children’s author, view “The World’s Spookiest Booklist,” use Reading Activity Calendars to help brainstorm ideas to write about, illustrate stories that are already written to spark their imagination, create printable stories by selecting their own setting, complete poems through a “poetry splatter” activity, and oh so much more! is a useful website for parents.   The website provides parents with useful links to assist their children in finding a “just right book,” creating an at home library, insight to themed booklists, children’s author interviews, tips on 103 things to before/during/and after reading, grocery store literacy activity sheets and many other interactive ideas to incorporate at home! is a wonderful website for children to explore.  They can click on a variety of grammar games, such as “The Grammar Gorillas” which explains the definitions of what a noun, verb, adjective is, etc.  The Grammar Gorilla provides sentences with a choice of two words and they have to select verbs.  There are links to The Diary of a Wimpy Kid and many books that they can preview before reading them.  There is a link to an arcade that caters to specific age and gender.  Funbrain is an engaging website that is full of educational games, books, interactive activities, and much more.  Your students will enjoy the learning process as they navigate is a fabulous website for teachers, parents, and students.  There are a variety of classic editor’s picks such as: The Ugly Duckling, Hansel and Gretel, and the Tale of Peter Rabbit.  Newer books include: Who Is Barack Obama? and A is For America.  Each story has a short synopsis that gives an overview of what the story is about, shows the genre and the age group recommended for children.  Not only can children read a variety of books from different genres, but the proceeds of each story read goes to a charity.  The website is currently focusing on providing monetary assistance to Hurricane Sandy victims.  Please read, explore and get excited to read more! is an engaging website for students, teachers and parents. allows children to learn a variety of word family patterns in a fun, interactive manner.  If a child needs extra practice mastering a particular diagraph, blend, prefix or suffix, they can navigate the website.  Adults can print decodable word lists, picture sorts, anagrams, word search puzzles, handwriting practice with word family sorts and oh so much more.  Teachers can introduce hands-on games for their students to explore.  For example, if children need practice with the ‘ay’ word family, the teacher can select an easy or harder level, depending on a student’s instructional level.  Some game options are: Phrase Cloud (dragging sounds to make each word from a word family pattern), Blur Bonanza (Identifying a picture from a word family sort and matching the picture to the sort), Picture Belt (matching the word to its proper picture), Martian Word Attack (Identifying and writing the word before it lands onto planet Earth) Word Tic-Tac-Toe, and many more exciting learning games.