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Welcome to Mr. Tyler Mills' choral & music homepage!


HMHS provides three in-school choral ensembles that Mr. Mills directs:

  1. Concert Choir (100-130 students)
  2. Chamber Choir** (30-40 students)
  3. Show Choir** (10-20 students)

There are three extracurricular ensembles that Mr. Mills directs:

  1. Madrigals** (24-26 students)
  2. Totally Treble Women's Ensemble (15-30 students)
  3. VoiceMale Men's Ensemble (15-30 students)


 **Audition Required**


In addition to the choral ensembles, Mr. Mills teaches 3 music electives: AP Music Theory, Renaissance to Rock: Genre Analysis, and Vocal Workshop. 


Mr. Mills is also an assitant coach for the women's track and field team, and a volunteer coach for the women's soccer team. He also serves as an advisor for Peer Leaders. 


Mr. Mills and his wife Amanda live in Cherry Hill with their 2 year-old son, Everett. Thanks for visiting!



“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

― Brad Meltzer


Tyler Mills


P: 856-429-3960; ext.1242

Twitter: @HMHSChoir