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Welcome to Mr. Tyler Mills' choral & music homepage!


HMHS provides two in-school choral ensembles that Mr. Mills directs:

  1. Concert Choir (100-130 students)
  2. Chamber Choir** (30-40 students)

There are three extracurricular ensembles that Mr. Mills directs:

  1. Madrigals** (21-26 students)
  2. Totally Treble Women's Ensemble (15-30 students)
  3. VoiceMale Men's Ensemble (15-30 students)


 **Audition Required**


In addition to the choral ensembles, Mr. Mills teaches 3 music electives: AP Music Theory, Renaissance to Rock: Genre Analysis, and Vocal Workshop. 


Mr. Mills is also an assitant coach for the women's track and field team, and a volunteer coach for the women's soccer team. He also serves as an advisor for Peer Leaders. 


Mr. Mills and his wife Amanda live in Cherry Hill with their three sons.



“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

― Brad Meltzer


Tyler Mills

E: [email protected]

P: 856-429-3960; ext.1242

Twitter: @HMHSChoir