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**Please email if you would like a spring conference. 

Dates: Wednesday, 4/21     Thursday, 4/22           Friday, 4/23

Times       2-5pm                     2-5pm                    TBD/if necessary



Note: As Wednesdays are "screen-free" for In-person learners, there will be no Google meets for ELA, Science, SS or Math. Any assignments given by teachers will not require electronic devices to complete. Teachers will give directions in Google Classroom. 



8:20-8:38 Homeroom/Attendance Check-in


8:40-9:42 Language Arts/Mrs. Merusi


9:43-10:45-Math/Ms. Nelson         


10:48-11:08- Recess




11:30-12:10- Social Studies


12:13-12:53- Science/Ms. Nelson


12:55-1:35-Social & Emotional Learning


Wednesday new schedule


8:30-9:30 Math
9:30-10:00 Gym
10-10:30 Outside SEL/yoga
10:30-11:00- Art
11:00-11:30- Lunch
11:30-12:00 ELA
12:30-1:00 Music
1:00-1:30~ Read aloud (which you will Google Meet)




READING & Writing RESOURCES: IXL   Raz Kids       ReadWorks

Sadlier Vocabulary & Grammar resource




**All classwork will be posted using Google Classroom **Virtual Students must check in to Google Classroom daily at 8:20 for attendance.


Please read  Virtual Expectations AND Google Classroom directions: Google Classroom How to for Parents and Students