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Hello Everyone! Ready for more snow........


If we go to a remote "snow day" and I'm teaching from home and you don't hear or see me, it will be because I do not have electricity or internet service at home. 
If this happens I will follow up with everyone after my service is restored.  Thanks for your anticipated understanding.  
You will be responsible for taking that learning time to read, write a narrative, nonfiction text, or catch up on any missing work. 
If you choose to read...make sure you have a way to document the time you read, and have a written summary and analysis of what you read. 
Analysis meaning: And always use specific text evidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Do you agree with the character's actions? Why or why not?
  • What 2 theme topics is your book supporting? Text evidence to why please
  • How does one character act around one minor character or in a different setting, rather than another? 
  • What lesson would you teach your character? or did you learn from your character? 
Thank you,
Mrs. Merusi


8:20-8:38 Homeroom/Attendance Check-in


8:40-9:42 Language Arts/Mrs. Merusi


9:43-10:45-Math/Ms. Nelson


10:48-11:08- Recess




11:30-12:10- Social Studies


12:13-12:53- Science/Ms. Nelson


12:55-1:35-Social & Emotional Learning


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READING & Writing RESOURCES: IXL   Raz Kids       ReadWorks

Sadlier Vocabulary & Grammar resource




**All classwork will be posted using Google Classroom **Virtual Students must check in to Google Classroom daily at 8:20 for attendance.


Please read  Virtual Expectations AND Google Classroom directions: Google Classroom How to for Parents and Students