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Dear Students,


We are learning as we go! Please do your best to work on all of the assignments posted each day!  You can handwrite your assignments if needed.  Work can be kept in your "Just In Case" folder and you can hand it in upon our return to school. For reading and writing assignments that you complete using Google Docs remember to share it with myself and Mrs. Jeney.  or ) 


Our next Zoom meeting will be on Thursday at 2:00. All the information will be posted on Google Classroom a few minutes prior. 


Please visit the websites of your specials teachers! They have assignments for you to complete as well. Today is Day 5 and it is Gym! 


I've added a new tab to this website called "This Week." In this tab you will be able to view the work assigned so far this week. 



 Wednesday, April 1st




1 Monday through Friday this week, please read (or review each chapter in) the book that you chose for your wax museum project for 20 minutes. As you read, identify the main idea of the chapter(s) and supporting details.  Think: What does the author want me to know about this person?  Which of his/her accomplishments are important to know about?  Take notes or use post its as you read and find important, not just interesting, information.


2. Continue to work on your Wax Museum Biography Notes which can be found on Google Classroom. It must be completed by April 16th. There is also an example of the assignment on Google Classroom. 





 Writing- Poetry Week


 1. I hope you are enjoying Poetry Week.  Today, after watching Mrs. Donohue's video, you will make observations of what you see, hear, and even smell from a window.  You are to look out from your window a few times during the day.  Use the recording sheet "Out My Window" to note your observations.  The video and the "Out my Window" google doc is posted on Google Classroom as an assignment. 




1. Now that you understand that a fraction represents part of a whole, today you will learn how to write fractions on a number line. Watch the video below.


Fractions on a Number Line 


2.  Then, go to IXL and click on third grade math skills. Scroll to the heading "Understand Fractions." Next, click on "Fractions of number lines: halves,fourths, and eighths." Try to answer at least 20 questions!


Our class has received a certificate from IXL because you have completed 1,000 questions already! Great job and keep up the great work! Check out our certificate below. Let's see if we can earn another one. 


IXL Certificate 



Social Studies


1. Review what you’ve learned about New Jersey and learn some new facts by reading the article below.





1. Complete three spelling activities this week from the tic tac toe board below. 


Tic Tac Toe Board 


Unit 19

Pattern: homophones 

1. way 2. weigh 3. accept 4.  5. except  6. chews  7. choose 8. deer  9. dear  10. peace

11. piece  12. night 13. knight 14. there   15. their