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Homework in our classroom


Students will have one piece of math homework and/or one sheet of Saxon homework most nights. This is something they should be able to complete fairly quickly. They are also expected to read their AR books for at least 10 minutes each school night or for a total of at least 40 minutes per week. I can see that they have done their nightly/weekly reading when the weekly reading log is filled out and initialed by a parent. We will start each week for reading on Friday so that your child can read when it is best for your family's schedule. Students are asked to write their daily homework in their planners as part of their morning work. This is where you can find what Saxon or math lesson they have been given.  

There will be occasions that you may see extra homework. If your child did not complete their classwork, although they were given plenty of time to do so, I will send it home to be finished.

***There are also times that I will have extra homework that is voluntary. These are items that I think your child will benefit from doing and they will be “paid” a Gator Honor or some other kind of reward for doing the extra work.