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Mrs. McEwen's First Grade class website 

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Parental involvement and encouragement is a huge factor in helping children become successful students. Thank you for everything that you do to help your child succeed! 


Reading/Language Arts: 

Saxon:  The Saxon reading and spelling program is the core component of the literacy curriculum in First Grade.  Students bring home a Saxon homework sheet most nights. You will find the directions in the box on the back. You can also see how they completed similar items on the front. Please check over their work and have them read the words to you to practice what they have been learning.  Spelling words and dictation sentences come home weekly as well. You can also find a picture of the words and sentences on the Dojo class story, just in case they get misplaced. 


AR: Students are asked to read their AR library books for 10 minutes each school night as part of their homework.  You can help your child by reading with them and asking them questions about what they are reading. Quizzing them on the book they are reading will let you both know if they are indeed ready to test on it, or if they need to read it a few more times. They should be reading each book 3 to 5 times. AR is an important component of your child's daily homework. It is also a school wide expectation. Students not meeting at least 70% of their goal in a quarter will be receiving an N (for needs improvement) in the completing tasks portion of their report card. You can check your child's progress by visiting the Renaissance Home Connect link to your right.


Students will bring home their math classwork each day. You can use this to help you help your child with their homework. It should not take them longer than 10 minutes to complete. If you find that your child is struggling with the homework, please contact me so we can discuss ways you can helpyour child.  I do check over homework and return when I’m able to . If problems are circled, they are incorrect and need to be looked at again. You may also circle problems that your child struggled with so that I know areas that need to be revisited. We also work on addition fluency. Students will be given quizzes on the addition facts (starting with 0) on a weekly basis. They do not proceed to the next set of facts until they have shown mastery by getting a 90% or higher. Being able to quickly (fluently) solve addition and subtraction problems is an important skill in helping your student to become strong in mathematics. You can help your child at home by using flash cards or computer/tablet games to help them practice their addition facts. 


If your child is struggling with a subject, PLEASE have them spend some time on the Compass Odyssey Learning program. You will find the link on the left side of this site. The program is tailored to the learning needs of each student and has both reading and math lessons. Students log in just like they do at school. 


If you would like more information regarding the current curriculum please contact me to schedule a conference.

PLEASE do not hestitate to contact me with any questions or concerns and remember that Class Dojo is the best way to communicate with me. 

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Elizabeth McEwen


If you have any questions or concerns: please message me through Class Dojo or email me at

 or call the school at #368-7042