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My Philosophy of Teaching



                I believe that teachers need to have good knowledge, motivation, and modification in the class with proper teaching materials as well as a heart for their profession.   First, teachers must know their subject matter so they can teach it backwards and forwards through clear and understandable instructions and goals, along with providing students good motivation and encouragement.   Secondly, teachers should be able to adjust the curriculum to fit, and included, disabled and sedentary students in class. Finally, it is important for teachers to show students their heart of teaching by developing a good relationship with their students using positive feedback. Therefore, teaching strategies include knowledge, student’s needs, time management, and a positive learning environment.


                Teaching strategies influence my instructional philosophy, because I believe in being a student-centered educator. Being a student-centered educator means focusing on the student’s needs, helping students participate, and helping them apply their in-class learning experiences to their daily lives in society.  Teachers need to vary their teaching methods to meet each student’s needs by educating learners individually, in small groups, in pairs, and through guidance discovery.  Teachers need to help their class grow, show respect, and develop their heart for learning so they become successful individual students  in the future.