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Behavior Plan:

I will be using clips on a behavior chart, like the chart in the picture below, to monitor each student’s behavior. A chip chart is a great tool that allows students to be rewarded for positive behaviors, while discouraging negative behaviors.  Each student will have a clip with his/her name on it. Everyone will start on green at the beginning of each day, and clips can be moved up and down throughout the day based on his/her behavior.



Great Choices
The child can move up to “Great Choices” level for showing that he/she is making the right behavior decisions! Ending the day on this level is great! 


Ready to Learn

Every child will start the day on the “Ready to Learn” level.  As the day goes on, the child’s name clip will move up or down depending on his/her behavior choices. This level is a good one to be on!

Think About It
 If the child move his/her clip down “To Think About It level” as a warning about his/her behavior.  The teacher will remind him/her to follow the class rules. 


Parent Contact

If the child still chooses to make poor decisions, he/she will move to “Parent contact” level. The teacher will decide what action to take by informing the child this is not appropriate behavior. He/ she will sit in the “thinking chair” and think about his/her poor behavior for a minute or until he/she is ready to return class. 



 I will use a calendar chart to keep track of his/her behavior with a coloered coded stickers. Please read the behavior system for more information.