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 Kristina Bankston

Fine Arts, World Geography,

World History 

Victoria Bovia

Jr. High CCC Lab Coordinator

Lydia Brewer

Accounting, BCA, Ed. for Careers, Marketing, Yearbook

Tammy Chaffin


Susan Covington

7th & 8th Grade Math

 Robin Crifasi  Adult Resp., Foods & Nutrition,

Pro-Start I and II, Health 

Tammy Davis

Desktop Pub., Ed. for Careers, IBCA,

Word Processing

Jennifer Draper

English III, English III AP,

English IV Honors, Fine Arts

Glenn Ellis

Ag I, II, and III, Carpentry,

Small Engine, Welding

Jaime Gautreau

Physical Education

Darrell Hatchell

Alg. I, Financial Math, Geometry,

Math Essential

Tasha Lambert

Special Education Paraprofessional 

Willie Louviere

English III and IV, Spanish I,

Spanish II

Daniel Martin

Algebra II, Geometry, Advanced Math

Sherry Martin

Talented Art Teacher

Teleah Martin

Jr. High Special Education Paraprofessional

Michelle McClain

Special Education Paraprofessional

Aimee McGrew

SBLC Pre-Referral Interventionist

Natasha McMorris

8th Grade Reading and English

 Roy Moore

Civics and U.S. History 

Kim Palmer

7th  Grade Reading and English

Stephanie Cambre

Special Education Teacher 

Tim Richardson 

Talented Music Teacher 

Pamela Robichaux 

7th and 8th Grade Science 

Megan Savell 

English I and II 

Frank Schneider

7th and 8th Grade History 

Elizabeth Smiley

Girls Physical Education, Health

Jessica St. Cyr

Jr. High Special Education

Keesha Suggs

Special Education Teacher

Kevin Sykes

Biology I & II, Environmental Science

Jennifer Vulgamore

Chemistry, Physical Science

 Richard Williams

 7th Grade Math and Education to Careers