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Welcome to Ms. Smith’s, Mr. DiNoto, and Mrs. Cerrina's 4th Grade Class!  Here are a few things that you will need to know. I will update my website on a monthly basis to keep you informed of the topics that students will be studying. Students will have homework Monday-Thursday every week. Study guides, flash cards, websites with log-ins, passwords, and notes will all be accessible in student planners, or in that subject’s notebook. Students will have their logins and passwords in their planners. I will post sites for additional practice and review at home. Vital information will be posted on the board daily. It will be the student’s job to write everything down that is posted on the board into their planners.



Feel free to contact me via the planner, the phone 269-768-3737, or email .


My Educational Philosophy

First and foremost students must feel safe and comfortable.  As a teacher, I not only have to attend to the students’ academic needs, I must construct a safe, nonbiased environment and set a proper example for students.  Therefore, I feel it is imperative that a classroom community is established and respected.  Students will learn to value what each has to offer and learn through action, reflection and demonstration.  The learning environment will be predictable, yet full of real choices.


Student Expectations

I have a few simple rules that are crucial to student learning.

  • Be respectful
  • Follow Directions
  • Do your best!


The 7 Habits fit right in! If students can abide by these expectations, they will be assured a successful year.




Students who complete assignments, follow directions, and do their best will be allowed to eat in the classroom on Friday.


The whole class will be awarded for compliments from adults on our campus with popcorn points. When we earn 500 points, we earn popcorn as a snack.


Students will receive a homework pass for their birthday that can used at their discretion.



Student behavior will be tracked on a daily basis. Students will receive a warning to stop a non-productive behavior. If the behavior continues, a warning will be given on the clipboard and you will receive a note in the planner. If the behavior still continues, students will fill out a reflection sheet. You will also receive a copy. A phone call will be made if the behavior is still occurring.


Please watch for the student planner. The planner is vital. Students will be required to write down their homework, check points, and other information daily. It needs to be signed on a nightly basis. I will check it every day. In addition, the communication that will come home each week in the Friday Folder needs to be checked over and signed by an adult. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. You may also email me or write me a note in the planner.