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 Welcome to Mrs. Kelly's

Basic Skills Class!!!




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 Grab hold of a magic pencil

Open your eyes and mind


For now begins a journey

Of the most exciting kind


A journey into learning

A step...a start...a glow,


And I will be there with you

To help and watch you grow.


                    Author unknown 








All About Me


My name is Mrs. Jo-Anne Kelly, and I am your child's Basic Skills teacher.  I am a graduate of Kean University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education.  I also have a Masters Degree in Reading and I am a Reading Specialist.  I am proud to say that the 2022-2023 school year is my 24nd year teaching.  I am honored to be one of

your child's teachers and a part of the wonderful staff at

McKenzie School! 





Tips for Academic Success


* Read together!

A child who reads regularly with a parent performs better in school.


* Establish a routine for homework.

Set aside a quiet time for your child to work and encourage your student to study.


* Work with your child.

Help them study their spelling words and math facts.

This will help your student feel more confident.


* Keep the lines of communication open with your child's teacher and school.

Parents who are involved, have a more successful student.


* Be positive about your child's progress.

By focusing on the positives, your student will feel more secure.


* Look through your child's papers regularly.

When you show an interest in their school work,

often the student works harder to succeed.


* Set limits.

Don't be afraid to set limits on TV, video games, and computer time

during the school week.


* Teach responsibility.

Your child is maturing into a real student, so make them responsible for their education.

Have your child place homework in their backpack on their own.


* Make learning the main priority.

Find excitement in learning and demonstrate that you want to learn as well.


* Have fun with your child as you both learn together!



Reading Tips


* Use the five finger rule.

If five or more words on a page are unfamiliar to your child, the book is too difficult.


* Read easier text to practice fluency and expression.


* Take turns reading pages with your child.

When you read, you are demonstrating good reading behaviors.  

Ask your child questions as you read together to check for comprehension.


* Make frequent trips to your local library to get new books to practice reading.

Students are more likely to read, when the books are about something they enjoy.