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Welcome to Ms. Bleich's 1st Grade Class!



March 2024






Dear Parents/Guardians: 


Welcome to 1st grade!  I am looking forward to an exciting year of teaching and a great year of learning.  I am interested in making this a successful and happy year for you and your child.  To ensure this success, we must keep the lines of communication open.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at [email protected] .  



                                          Thank you









First Graders Are Thinking About Reading!

We are learning strategies to help us decode words and construct


I. When we come to a word we don’t recognize we can:

1. Look at the picture

2. Get our mouths ready by saying the beginning sound

out loud

3. Sound out the word by chunks or syllables

4. Look for a chunk or little word

5. Skip the word/read on/go back

6. Think about what makes sense in the story

7. Think about words we know

II. To better understand and enjoy our reading we can:

1. Make connections between the text and ourselves,

other texts, and the world around us

2. Make predictions based on our schema

3. Visualize (paint a picture in our minds)

4. Think about questions before, during, and after reading

5. Use our schema and clues in the text to infer meaning

*Parents are encouraged to help at home by questioning and discussing

the setting, the characters and their feelings, the sequence of events, and

the problem and solution. Then ask your child to evaluate the story and

compare it to others they’ve already read! This will greatly improve

comprehension and oral communication skills. Thanks for your support!


Supply List


2 - Crayons (24/box)


1 pair of scissors


2 - Block erasers


4 - glue sticks


2 – 12-pack of pencils


(please sharpen ahead of time)


1 - Marble composition


1 orange folder


1 – Sturdy folder


2 – Tissue boxes






1-1 Ms. Bleich


Cycle Schedule 




Monday  - Period 7 Phys. Ed.         



Tuesday  - Period 6 Spanish         



Wednesday- Period 1 Music    




Thursday - Period 1 Technology

                     Period 7 ART        


Friday  - Period 3 Phys. Ed