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Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year! 







Mrs. Benevento:    6thGrade Social Studies 


U.S History I.

  • Conflict in the Colonies/French and Indian War
  • The American Revolution/Independence
  • Forming a Government/Articles of Confederation
  • Citizenship/The Constitution
  • Presidencies: Washington, Adams, and Jefferson
  • The Expanding Nation/Louisiana Purchase/War of 1812



Tests and Projects:  30%

Quizzes: 25%

Homework & Classwork: 35%

Class Participation: 10%



What you need:

  • Chromebooks
  • Pens and Pencils
  • A folder 
  • Note paper




Respect Agreement (Norms)

Respect    (Treat others the way you want to be treated)

Use Time Wisely  (Don’t waste time)

Listen   (When the teacher is talking everyone must be quiet and listen attentively)

Enter Prepared  (Make sure you have everything you need each day)

Self-Control  (No fooling around, throwing things, getting out of your seat, touching other people’s belongings, or the

                           fans, etc… Raise your hand if you need anything!  Do not interrupt the teacher or another student.)



1. Warning and teacher-to-student discussion of the issue.

 2.  Contact parent/guardian and the principal is notified.

  • Each day is a new day- so you start fresh each day

Rewards for good behavior and getting all your work done:

  • Free time (to listen to music, draw, play a game, etc…)
  • Homework passes
  • Getting good grades on tests and quizzes (this is your own reward and it will happen if you follow the rules)
  • Other rewards (drop lowest grade)
  • Tickets to shop in the class shop