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5 Fun Facts about Mrs. Dizdarevic: 


- I started teaching in 2009 in East Rutherford!

- I have a husband and two young children. 

- I love traveling to different countries and learning about other cultures. 

- I love trying new foods and will sometimes attempt to cook those new recipes (with mixed results!) 



Please e-mail [email protected] with any questions regarding ELA & Social Studies.


Check Genesis for your child's grades and all assignments:



Grading Policy



Participation & Classwork: 20%


Homework: 15%


Quizzes: 25%


Tests/Projects/Essays: 40%

Classwork and homework assignments will be graded on effort and on a 0-4 scale:


0 = not handed in/missing


1 = minimal effort, partially complete


2 = half complete


3 = more than half complete


4 = good effort, complete


Late assignments: Students will be given three days after the due date to return assignments without penalty. After three days, late assignments will be accepted for 50% credit at any point for the remainder of the marking period.




Grade           Percent Scale


 A+                   97-100


A                        93-96


A-                       90-92


B+                      87-89


B                        83-86


B-                       80-82


C+                      77-79


C                        73-76


C-                       70-72


D                        66-69


F                          0-65





 Let's have a great school year!