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This year, Heights will be using a program called LiveSchool throughout the school to help create a learning environment where every student is respectful, responsible, and prepared. LiveSchool provides a real-time view of your school-wide culture trends. Watch this video to understand more: Students and parents can use LiveSchool from their phone, tablet, or laptop to view behavior feedback from all teachers. When you record a comment, it will be instantly visible to the student and their parents. And parents with multiple students have just one login to view all feedback!


How do I sign up?:  You will recieve a letter home with your access code. After you download the app, you use the access code to view your child's rewards, account balance and teacher feedback.  If you do not want to download the app you can go to: and use the access code to view your child's information.



How do I Use the APP or Website?: Here's a video to understand how LiveSchool more! Limk:





What are the rewards my child can get?: 

10 points- share time, fancy pen or pencil


25 points- fluffy friend, stinky feet


50 points- treasure box, sit by a friend in class


75 points- free computer time


100 points- morning news anchor


150 points- cafeteria helper


200 points- lunch with administrator


250 points- pizza party


300 points- craft or game party


500 points- heights shirt