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Class Dojo

ClassDojo is a classroom communication app and website used to share reports between parents and teachers. I use Class Dojo to track student behavior and upload photos or videos onto our class story!

See this video  for a quick Class Dojo introduction. 





What is Class Dojo?: ClassDojo is a communication app/website for the classroom. It connects teachers, parents, and students who use it to share photos, videos, and allows parents to track their child's behavior throughout the school day.


How do I sign up?:  Well, first off- it is free! You should recieve an email invitation or classroom code from me in the beginning of the year. I reccommend downloading the Class Dojo app on your smartphone! As a parent, the app will allow you to review the last two weeks of points recieved by your child. The app will also allow you to view, like and comment on the pictures that I post on our class story.


How do you use it in the classroom?: I use Class Dojo in my classroom to encourage and inspire students to display our IB Learner Profile Traits and other important characteristics. Each student has their own avatar and can earn Class Dojo points throughout the year. Each week is a fresh start! The student with the most points at the end of the week can either choose to have lunch with the teacher and a few friends or pick from my treasure box! I also use Class Dojo to share photos of the exciting things we do in our classroom through the class story function.





***Please note that Class Dojo has a messaging function, which is great, but I do not use it. Please email me through my school email address instead of using Class Dojo for sending me messages. My email is