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Please read below to find out more information about the type of 'treat you may bring for your child's birthday.




Question: “I would like to send birthday treats in for the class so my child may share and celebrate his/her birthday with his classmates. Is this allowed?”

Answer: Yes, but . . . *The teacher will schedule the treats at the time that works best for their schedule. Please contact the teacher before the actual date.


*Send in one of the following: Stckers, pencils, notepads Animal crackers, pretzels, crackers, popcorn, cereal (store bought items only) Pudding, jello cups, cheese sticks, yogurt *

Make sure you have enough for the entre class. You should confirm this number with the teacher.



*If parent is present during lunch, students must each lunch first and save treat for the last five minutes of lunch time.



PLEASE DO NOT SEND: Cupcakes, cookies, cake, donuts, Pizza, Anything requiring cuting, presents decorations, balloons, candles, matches, lighters  Flowers or Home‐made items.



Although we appreciate your child’s excitement for their birthday, the school seƫting is not the appropriate place for a birthday celebration. Keep the treat simple and easy for staff to distribute and clean up. Thank you for supporting Heights Elementary.