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*Homework is assigned Monday to Thursday.
*Reading of AR books is encouraged every night to help your child meet their AR goal.
*There is no homework on the weekend, but I encourage you to have fun reading with your child!
*Homework will always be relevant to what students are in learning in school. 
*I check and review homework at school but I do not send it back home.  






Homework Binder

 Your childs Homework bnder consists of a monthly newsletter, a planner, weekly spelling list,  our essnential agreements, an AR goal tracking sheet, and we also use both pockets in the binder. Please read about each part of your child's binder & it's use in our classroom! Please encourage your child to keep their book organized and neat.  This homework binder must come to school every single day!
















Student Planner/Essential Agreements:


A monthly newsletter will be attatched to your students book each month. It will include our weekly reading skills, math skills, and spelling words. It will also contain important dates and events that are coming up in our classroom or school! Please check this regularly. Behind the newsletter will be the introduction math page that will change each time we start a new chapter.




Students write daily homework assignments and important reminders in their planner every Monday for the entire week. Please check planner each night for a smiley face, a number, or a note from me & nitial/sign and return each day. If your child has broken a rule you will see a number on the planner next to the rule that they broke. Please refer to our 'essential agreements' paper that is also in this homework binder so you know our classroom agreements! You may also use the planner to write daily notes to me, if needed. I reccommend writing a note on a seperate paper to me OR emailing me.


(please do not write notes about transportation on the planner and either e-mail or send in a seperate note to me)




Homework Pockets in binder


In their homework folder there will be two pockets: a homework section(right back to school) and left at home section. The homework section must be completed and brought back the next day. The keep at home section normally will include: tests, math pages or important notices that you may keep at home.

Spelling List 


Spelling practice is expected throughout the week. Tests will be given every Friday. Students will have time in the mornings to practice spelling words if they arrive to school early. Spelling lists will be stapled to your child's planner every Monday.