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Sharon Zeman and Hannah Pollock 

Speech-Language Pathologists



Welcome to Speech Language Therapy!


The Speech and Language team is dedicated to
improving our students' speech and language skills.
We strive to help our students become effective communicators.



Oral communication and language comprehension are one of humankind's most precious skills.


If you suspect that a child has a speech and/or language disorder that may be impacting academic success you may refer the child to the Speech and Language Department.


A referral may be made anytime by teachers and/ or parents.  The referral should be in writing with a description of the suspected disorder and how that disorder impacts academic success.



Here is some helpful information regarding speech and language development.


Did you know that the letter sounds for "L", "R" and "S" are the 3 sounds most frequently misarticulated by young children? Below are the sounds and the average age at which these sounds should be mastered.


             L -     5.5 -  6 years

             R -     6  - 7 years

             S -     7 -  8  years



More information!  Are you looking for ways to stimulate language development in your child?


We suggest you TALK, TALK, TALK to your child.

      Name everything within the child's environment

      Talk about the function of things

      Talk about items and categories

      Talk about the steps when completing a task, for example: Making cookies

      Play "I Spy" when you're waiting in line or driving in the car

      Read and recite Nursery Rhymes

      When reading a book or watching a T.V. show , ask and answer the 5 "Wh" questions


For further infromation, visit the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association's website at