Welcome to Awtrey Middle School Orchestra 2015-2016!





Please refer to this Handbook to learn about all things Orchestra!

 AMS Orchestra Handbook 2016-2017.doc  



MESSAGE TO PARENTS about Academic Support Priorities:


To give your child the best possible support, you should:

*Remind your child to bring their instrument and music to class

*Shedule a consistent daily time for practice in a quiet place

*Make sure your child's instrument is always maintained well

*Increase your enthusiasm and involvement in your child's playing

*Praise your child's efforts and achievements

*Get to know your child's teacher : )



8th Grade


Hey Eighth-Grade!

Our final Concert is scheduled for May 4th.  We will be learning new music for this event.



Our 6th and Final Orlando payment is due on March 31st.

Disney Grade check Deadline (End of 5th 6weeks) is on March 31st. 





7th Grade


Our Final Concert is scheduled for May 2nd in the gym.  We will be learning new music for this event. 



Our 6th and Final Orlando payment is due on March 31st.


Disney Grade check Deadline (End of 5th 6weeks) is on March 31st.



6th Grade


We are working on our new music for Jamboree!! Everyone needs a portable stand.



The Sixth Grade String Jamboree will be held on Tuesday, March 28th at Awtrey Middle School Gym. Sixth grade orchestra students from Awtrey, Barber, and Pine Mountain will participate in this combined concert with 200 students performing.  It will be a very exciting event. Not only will the students have the chance to perform in a huge orchestra, they will also meet students from other schools who are members of their school orchestra. 

The students will wear the Awtrey Orchestra Black Shirt and jeans as an informal uniform. Students, please wear your shirt to school on the day of the Jamboree. THE COST OF DINNER and the EVENT IS $7.00.  Students must return the permission slip and $7.00 ASAP.

On the day of the Jamboree, all students should stay after school.  A pizza supper will be provided for Awtrey students before the rehearsal.  Rehearsal for the concert begins at 5:30 in the Awtrey Middle School gymnasium.  The concert will begin at 7:00 and will last 40 minutes. Parents are responsible for picking students up from Awtrey Middle School after the concert!!!  

There will be high traffic volume.  Parking lots are located in the front, side, and back of the school. Do not park on the grass of the homes near the school. In the event that emergency vehicles need access to the building, you should not block the driveways around the school. Your car may be towed. Please allow plenty of time to find parking and seating.

Each student will need the following items on the day of Jamboree:

1.  A folding music stand. (This is on the SUPPLY LIST that was given out at the beginning of the year in the orchestra handbook.)

2.  Instrument and music.

3.  Wear Black Orchestra shirt and jeans to school 
4.  Rockstop for cello and bass students! 


Remember to bring your instrument each day to school. Make sure you have a binder and page protectors for new music that we will be handing out.  Also, we are moving along further in our EE book. We are on song #94!  Yay!




All students need the following:


___ Instrument


___ One black 3-ring binder with 10 sleeve protectors


___ Lined paper




___ Method Books (Essential Elements for Strings Book 1                                   

                             “All For Strings” Theory Workbook 1 (NOT the Method book, please.)


___ Rosin


___ Shoulder rest* or sponge (violinists and violists only – very important.  A “must have” item.)


___ Rock stop (cellists and bassists only, for home use)


___ Wire music stand – for home practice and String Jamboree in spring



8th Grade Music Appreciation Class


We are wrapping up our artist presentations and beginning our guitar unit this week. You have to have a signed form in order to check out a guitar.  



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