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January 23, 2016



    • We can put sets together to show addition.
    • We can add fluently to the sum of 3.
    • We can show different ways to make a number.  (5=0+5, 5=1+4, 5=2+3, 5=3+2, 5=4+1, 5=5+0.)
    • We can find the missing number to a number problem.  (I have 10 balls.  3 balls are red and the rest are blue.  How many balls are blue?

Other Math Sites for Beginning Addition(click on title to open link)


English /Language Arts:


    • We can recognize, name and write uppercase and lowercase Jj correctly.
    • We can group CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words into word families (i.e.: all end with -eg, -em.)
    • We can read high frequency words.
    • We can read sentences with high frequency words.




  • We can follow words from left to right, top to bottom, page to page.
  • ​We can ask and answer questions about details in a text.
  • We can identify characters and setting in a story.
  • We can retell a story.
  • We can recall details from a story.
  • We can read text with purpose and understanding.


We will be predicting, retelling, inferring and discussing the details of Hooway for Wodney Wat.




   We have learned all 26 phonograms and are moving on to a phonics program called Blast Phonics.  This program will help your child learn about phonemes, graphemes, digraphs, trigraphs and much more.  Students will be able to apply these skills they are learning to decode words that are unfamiliar to them.


Accelerated Reader:


  • We can answer questions about a text.
  • We can recall facts from a text.


I had a few questions about our AR procedures, so I wanted to address them here to everyone​​:


  • The storybook is read at home each night.  Ask questions as you are reading to make sure your child is understanding the book.
  • When your child is ready, write the title in the GREEN AR Folder.
  • The quiz scores are independent.  They need to look carefully at the choices – often they are similar looking. For example, the answer choices could be far, fan, ran, fun.   
  • Some quizzes have 3 questions and some have 5, hence the oddity in scores. 
  • If your child scores below an 80%, I will send the book back home for you to reread with them.  They can take the test again when you feel they are ready.
  • The AR process is a learning one and not a graded piece in Kindergarten.  


If you have books at home and are wondering if they are part of AR, go to and type in the title.  You can also check out books from the Public Library for your child to test on.


   Keep on reading!  In order to have your child meet his/her goal by the end of the quarter, they should be reading at least 2 books per week and scoring a 100% on each one!


Parents, you can find the link on our Caloosa website.  Click on Academics, then online resources.  This allows you to view AR Points, Percentages, book levels and quizzes taken.  Hope this helps.



AR Home Connect

AR Home Connect allows you to view AR Points, Percentage, book levels, and quizzes taken.

User Name: Student ID

Password: First and Last initial



AR BookFinder

AR BookFinder helps your child find AR books on quiz numbers on their grade level. No Log in necessary.




  • We can write our letters correctly.
  • We can draw, dictate and write to tell about a topic.
  • We know to capitalize the beginning of a sentence and put punctuation at the end.
  • We can add details to our sentences using adjectives.
  • Proper sitting positions can be seen by clicking HERE.


Please practice writing complete sentences at home with your child.  This is a part of our daily routine.  The sentence should start with a capitol, have spaces and end with a period.  Please have your child sound out the words as they are writing.  Doing this at home with your child will be very beneficial for them in the classroom.


"Homework": Students started bring home a red writing folder.  Students need to finish the start of the sentence provided by writing atleast 4 sentences.  Please return the red folder every Friday.


The home journals are looking great!  I love seeing the sentences your children come up with!  Please DO NOT SPELL THE WORDS FOR YOUR CHILD.  Help them sound the words out and write the sounds they hear.  Students should be writing atleast 4-5 sentences now that we are in the 3rd Quarter.


Science / Social Studies:


  • We can discuss different landforms.


Important Information...









   Our Valentine's Celebrations will be next Tuesday.  If you would like to send in a treat for the class you are more than welcome.  Please let me know if you would like to send something in.  




   Don't forget to have your child bring in their Valentine's Day box by next Tuesday.  If it is finished, please send it in so we can put it on display.  Also, please send in the Valentine cards by Tuesday as well.  The secret word is Valentine.  Please be creative and have fun working together as a family!!



   The 100th Day of school was one worth celebrating.  The boys and girls spent the day making 100th day snacks, crafts and doing 100 exercises.  We had a fun time celebrating our 100 days of success!!



   The Talent Show is on Thursday, February 9th at 6:00pm.  We look forward to seeing everyone there!


   4th Grade will be selling Smencils this week.  1 Smencil is $1.00 or 6 for $5.00.


   I know we are all getting back into our routines, so please help your child be prepared for school each day by eating a good breakfast, ensuring their supplies are in their backpack and that they complete their homework each night.  Thank you for contributing to your child's continued growth.


   We will be practicing writing for a Lee County Aspiring Authors Contest.  If your child's work is chosen, I will be sending home a permission slip, as soon as I get them, to let me enter your child's work into the contest.  I will let you know if your child's writing makes it into the contest.


   ​Starting this month, students should be taking at least two AR tests a week.  Your child should be ready to test on a book from either the school's library or a book you have ensured is an AR test through the AR Home Connect site.  We have free reading time every morning, afternoon and sporadically throughout the day when students can read and/or test.


   Word Boxes - Please continue to review these words with your child.  Once you feel your child knows the words quickly, have them tell me and I will ask them the words.  If they know them, I will send a new set of words home for you to practice.


     If you know anyone going through School Choice for Kindergarten have them call and set up a school tour on select days now thru March.


   We have been redirecting our thought process in class to have a growth mindset.  "I can't" is not acceptable.  "I am trying" or "I am learning" are the statements we will use to explain our brain development. :)


   If there are ever any changes in the way your child goes home, please write me a note in the planner.  If there is no note then I will send them home the way they normally go.


 Stumped on how to ask your child questions about school - click here​.


   Please remember to sign the planner each night.  This lets me know that you see your child's behavior each day.


***Reminder about "Homework Choice Boards".  This is part of your child's nightly homework along with practicing sight words, handwriting and math.  Each night, your child needs to pick one of the activities off the choice board, complete it and RETURN it to school the next day.  The one that is in the STAR usually will come home Monday night for homework.***


   Our school collects Box Tops.  Send in 25 Box Tops and your child will get a dress down pass (a day out of uniform).  Every 25 equals a dress down pass.  Start saving and clipping :)


Image result for box tops



Prepare ahead...NO SCHOOL on Monday 2/20 and Tuesday 2/21! 


   Please remember to check back each week to see what new adventures our class will be taking and find the SECRET WORD!  When you find the secret word, write it in the box where you initial each night in the planner.



Some sites that you may enjoy for your child: