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Hello!  My name is Lelia Brooker.  I am the Health and PE teacher.  I graduated from UL with a degree in Kinesiology.  My goal as the Health and PE teacher is to get more students active and more aware of their health choices.  Students need all of this so they can know how to live a healthy and productive life.  I want all the students to leave at the end of the year knowing at least one activity that they enjoy doing to stay healthy.  I can't wait to have a great year with everyone!





My Schedule:

Homeroom - 7:46 -7:54

1st hour - 7th PE 7:54 - 8:52

2nd hour - 7th PE 8:55 - 9:50

3rd hour - 7th PE 9:53 - 10:48

Lunch (6th Grade) DUTY 10:51-11:16

4th hour - 6th PE 11:16 - 12:11

5th hour - 6th PE 12:16 - 1:11 

6th hour -  PLANNING PERIOD 1:14 - 2:09

7th hour - 7th PE 2:12 - 3:07