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The Beast

by Maisha Takahashi



It was a bright day, and a violent sun beat down upon my dark, long hair. Rushing off to school it was a miracle I had found it. No, not a miracle. A complete, unexpected tragedy, let's say.


Back to the story, the grass was quite short at the time. I was unusually happy with eating the delicious breakfast, and perhaps I was taking in the scenery. Whatever it was, if I could go back in time I would make myself turn around and sprint back home.


Glittering in the newly trimmed grass it shined like a jewel. Though it was a bit far, my desire for the thing could not be restrained.


Veering off course I dashed toward the treasure which sat patiently as if waiting to be found. It was a piece of glass. Disappointed, I stood up, and then realized part of it had been buried in the dirt. With all my effort I dug at it, not realizing the bits and pieces of grass flying


at my face. But what did that matter, after all? Not even a million dollars could have stopped me, let alone a few dirty clothes. Once uncovering the entire surface, I noticed there was a handle. It was a trapdoor! After years of neglect, grass and dirt had hidden it from view. A strong urge compelled me to open it. At that moment I was carefree. No thoughts of school, my friends, or my family appeared in my mind. The moment I tugged at the small latch I was pulled in as if an invisible hand had grabbed me and sucked me inside. Just as I wondered when I would stop falling, I hit my head and passed out.


When I woke, I was surrounded by darkness in a pit. I panicked. But as I groped around blindly, my eyes adjusted showing me a dark room with a faint light from above. Likely that was where I had fallen from. In front of me was a staircase, the only hope of escape. Turning around to get one last look I saw a small ring, embroidered with a dazzling blue jewel. Greedily I snatched the antique item and dashed up the stairs. Just as the sky came in view a beast appeared at the exit. Frozen in terror, I shrieked a silent wail for help. He seized me, and again darkness came.





Family Haikus:


Emmitt (dog)


My biggest baby


fun, cute, and loves to run when


it's cold and snowy.




Tara (dog)


My third dog in life


running is what she does for


fun. Loves all other dogs.




Brian (bro 2)


Super speedy fast


That's his game, and Brian is


his little bro name.




Matthew (bro 1)


Click, click, is the sound


when Matthew is in town, plays


with his game controller.





Angel Wings



I glide, just plain white

Glance up at vivid color

God gave better gifts



The Wind of the fallen:  


Bundled up, sorrows

Carries dread from place to place

Howls, ghostly forlorn

Loitered Snail:


Lugged, trailed slow movement

Shy, curled up in a hard shell

SLowly, crunched by life

The Bats


It shyly hides…

Until the dark falls

The world unknown

upside down

Waiting for the right time

The chamber, bored

Waiting and waiting

Feet clenching

Tighter and tighter


Looser and Looser

Waiting and Waiting

... Restless

Then it calls, waking it up

The echo calls

Hidden for long enough…

eyes of fire


Then back to its chamber

Waiting for the next echo.

And waiting and waiting





Riding Over Fear by Aanya Patel


 I was bounced then slapped onto the water.  My Dad and I were struggling to keep afloat.  We were anxiously waiting for my first surf lesson to begin.    

Suddenly, I heard my Mom call “Aanya, Aanya!” The time had come. We returned back to shore.


Within ten minutes, the instructor had taught me all the procedures. “Let's surf!” the instructor Louise joyfully exclaimed.  With my fear behind me, I approached the ocean.  When the water touched my knees,  I hopped on top of the board and fastened my goggles.   


Louise got behind me and pushed my board up and down with the waves.  It felt like I was flying.  It was just like a roller coaster, but I could fall off  into the ocean.


Then suddenly, a five foot wave came crashing over me.  I was happy that I did not fall over. The beach looked miles away when Louise turned my board around towards the shore.  I was so nervous. I was about to say “no," but then Louise yelled “Go!!!”   Moments later he yelled, “Stand up, up, up!”  I jumped to my feet.  I was riding the waves, over the fish and sand, but mainly riding over my fear. My fear like the wave got smaller and smaller and then was gone.  My board landed on the sand, I did it, I faced my fear, I surfed and I got to shore alive and stronger.  At that moment, I felt like I could do anything, you name it.  I could feel my fear wash away with the waves.


The people at the beach were clapping and screaming, strangers were clapping for me.  My family was the most proud of me.  My mom was jumping up and down and my brothers and grandparents were wide-eyed and had big smiles. I will always remember how my dad what gleaming with pride.   I hopped on the board and flew over the waves again and again.  In the back of my mind, I wondered, “What if that was just luck? What if I won’t be able to do it again?”    



Days Later…


“Hey Aanya,” Mom said, “Louise is asking if you want another surf lesson.”  I hesitated, and thought, “Was that just luck?  Will I be able to do it again,  ride the waves?"  Then I remembered the feeling. I did it!” I exclaimed.  “Yes Mom I would love that…..”    





The Cookbook  

"Yogurt, roasted almonds, dark chocolate”  I wrote in my journal of recipes.   Anna walked into the kitchen,

“Hi, what are you doing Athena?”

“Nothing,” I responded, quickly closing my book.  "Anna."

“Fine,” I said opening the notebook. Anna stacked the book out of my hands,

she opened the book and began to read.  She closed to book silently and asked, “Can you really make this?”  

“Yeah, of course I can, but not tell anyone especially my Mom and Dad,”  I replied.

“Can you make something for me?”  Anna questioned.  

“Sure” I answered heading to the kitchen.  I decided to make her my newest recipe.

After I sprinkled the coconut shavings on the yogurt,I served it to Anna. She paused and then said,

“This is amazing,”

“Thanks” I responded.  Then there was a moment of silence.  

“You should get the book published,” she said breaking the silence, “It would be a good way to share your recipes.”  

“You are silly,” I said giggling away.

“I am serious” Anna shouted with her serious face on.  

“Okey,” I said.  “You know we are only twelve, right,” I clarified.  

“Yes, I know,” Anna responded.  “So, what do you want to play?” I questioned Anna.  

“I am serious” Anna repeated and then left.

That night I could not fall asleep. Anna’s words were haunting me, “You should publish your book.”  Then I could not take it any more, I called Anna and told her to meet me in our hideout.

I met Anna in the green and pink room with blue fabrics dipping from the walls. When Anna and I were nine we discovered a secret passageway from me and Anna’s room to another room that was pain white. Me and Anna painted it green and pink and decorated it.  

Anna’s brown hair was all over the place.

“Why did you call me,” Anna questioned anointed

“Are you ready to take me seriously.”  “We should get the book published!” I blurted out. “What”Anna exclaimed.  

 “Athena, I came up with a great idea!’ Anna exclaimed over lunch.  “You

should have a pen name,” Anna said, “Like Dr. Seuss.” “But what about the meetings with editors and book tours?” I questioned. “We can ask Mrs. Maryland,” Anna simply answered.  “Good idea, she is so nice except if you forget your homework,” I said laughing with Anna.  

I left school with more confidence about the book.  Then I ran to my room and

started to come up with more recipes.  

“Take a seat everyone!” Mr. G shouted at the class. “Today we are going to take

our chapter ten math test,” Mr.G said.   I can not believe that I did not study.   

After my math test I went to sixth period, writing. Anna and I were going to ask

Mrs. Maryland for help. I stepped into sixth period with lots of hope.  

I read the chalkboard, “Had in you three page essay on something that can

change at school.” This day could not get any worse, I did not do my homework. Mrs. Maryland was nice, but not when you forget your homework I remembered. I walked up to her and said “I forgot to do my homework.”  “Well I guess that is you first zero, Athena,” Mrs. Maryland respond.  

At the end of the period Anna went up to Mrs. Maryland before I could stop her.  Since there was no turning back I walk up to them.  “Can I read it tomorrow and try a dish?” questioned Mrs. Maryland.  “Is that okey, Athena?” asked Anna, “Sure,” I responded.  

“Athena, she said if it is good she would help!” Anna exclaimed on  our walk home.  “I thought you would be really excited that she said yes,” Anna said.  “I got my first zero,” I said to her, “And I did not study for my math test,” I sighed.  “I am sorry,” Anna said as we walked into the building.  

That night I wrote my essay and made shore I did all of my homework.  Then I made my new yogurt dish. It had key lime yogurt topped with granola and white chocolate.  Then I wrote a letter asking Mrs. Maryland if there was any way I make my grade higher.  

“Ding Ding,” my phone vibrated.  It was Anna, I picked it up,”Hi” I said, “ Meet my in our hide out!” Anna exclaimed.  

I ran to our hideout.   Anna was sitting down with Mrs. Maryland at her side.  “Hi, Athena,” Mrs. Maryland said, “I was wondering if I could see your book now?”  Did I hear her correctly? I ran into my room and grabbed the cookbook and the bowl.  “Here you go,” I exclaimed.  She took a bite of the yogurt after reading the book.  Then she hesitated and then spoke “What do you need me to,” she said grinning.   I wave of joy splashed over me.  I have never seen Anna smile so deeply.   

“Bye, Mrs. Maryland!” Anna and I exclaimed.  After she was out of sight we plopped our self on the sofa.  I glanced at the time, it was only 8:30 PM. Then it occurred to, how did Mrs. Maryland get here? “Hey Anna, did you ask Mrs. Maryland to come here?”  I questioned.  “No” she responded. “How  did she get here than?” I asked her.  “Oh yeh I forgot to tell you that Mrs. Maryland just moved into the apartment last week, she heard us a followed the sound.” Anna answered.  “So, could have meetings here!” I exclaimed.

The next day during sixth period I gave Mrs. Marly my homework I forgot and the letter asking for extra credit. At the end of class Mrs. Maryland called me and Anna up to her desk and asked “Can we meet in “room” at 8:00 tonight?” “Sure,” I said.  “Also, Athena your  book can be extra credit,” She told me.  This day could not get any better.

I guess it could. Anna and I both got onto the wrong bus and then got on another bus that went to New Jersey.  It was the “best day ever!”  

At 7:00 I went to the hideout which is now the conference room.  I was meeting Anna and Mrs. Maryland to make the hideout the conference room.  Anna and I were moving everything out and painting the room cream and sea pearl with blue on the bottom of the wall. Our theme was the beach.  At 7:30 we were going to meet Mrs. Maryland at her apartment to help with the furnisher.

The meeting started at 8:00 just as planned.  The room looked great… We all had our own little desk and desk for three people. The room looked like it had a lot more space.

This meeting was for coming up with stratiy to get the the published.  It was helpful to have an adult involved, she knew more people and about the world for that matter.  

We started the meeting  with all of us sitting at the biggest table in the room.  Then we all took out our plans. My plan was to have Mrs. Maryland to pretend to be me.  Anna’s idea was for Me to go to all the meetings on Anna’s shoulders.  Mrs. Maryland’s was the best, she said we should give Anna a pen name like, J.K Rowling or Dr. Seuss. Then she would go to the meetings as someone who for me.  To close up the meeting we voted on the idea that would get the book published.  We voted for Mrs. Marylands.  The next meeting we would change some of it to make I better.  

I walked into first period on the left foot.  I forgot to write my essay on the Civil War.   I also forgot to we had to study for a test on the Civil War.  Report cards were coming out in a week if I do not shape up I will be unable to publish the book.  

I was relieved, second and third period went fine.  Next was math… I stepped into math class with a paper on my desk.  We got our math test back.  There was a big fat C- over the paper. On the corner there was a note, it read, “Meet me at the end of class.”  Uh oh.  When Mr. G say meet me at the end of class it is almost never good.   At the end of class I went up to him. He said, “Mrs. Maryland told me about your book, if you want to bring your grade up, show me the book along with a recipe.”  “Ok,sir,” I said.  

Anna and I walked up to sixth period.  There was a note on my desk, “leave school now!!!”  I saw Anna rush out of the room.  What is happening? I ran out of the room right behind her.   We got to the apartment and sprinted up the stairs we ran into the conference room and saw Mrs. Maryland.  “Hi girls,” Mrs. Maryland cheerfully exclaimed.  “Why did you call us?” I said totally out of breath. “Take a seat girls,”  Mrs.  Maryland said kindly.  We took a seat.  “Guess what” She grinned.  “What,” Anna and I shouted.  “I got us a meeting with scholastic at 7: 30,” “What!” we shouted with disbelief.  “So I think we need to finish our  plan,” Mrs. Maryland said.    We agreed.  

“So you know what to say,right?” Anna questioned worriedly.  “Okey to review the plan,” I  said.  “So  Mrs. Maryland you are going into the meeting as someone that works for me,” I reviewed.  “We will connect a hands free set from you and Athena,” Anna clarified.  “And I will be watch the security cameras that I will put in the vents.  

“Ding,” The alarm for seven rang.  Anna and Mrs. Maryland went into the taxi.  This plan could change my life forever.  I took a seat at my desk and tested the hands free set.  I could hear Mrs. Maryland loud and clear.  

When Anna arrived it was exactly 7:30 the meeting just begun.  Through the cameras we saw a young man with Harry Potter type glass.  They walked into the room Anna put the cameras in.   “Hello, are you one of Athena Ross’s helpers?” questioned the man.  “Yes,” Mrs. Maryland confidently answered.  “What is your name?” asked the man.  “Say your real name,” whispered into the headset. “I am Alice Demeter Maryland,” she answered. “Do you have the rough draft?” he questioned.  “Of course,” she pulled out the book.  “Here you go,” she said.  Then Anna shook me, Look, look!”Anna exclaimed. She pointed at the screen,  there was a little boy in the vents.  “Talk to him!” I told Anna.  Then Mrs. Maryland started a conversation with the editor. “What are you doing” questioned Anna.  The boy disappeared.  “I did not mean you,” whispered to Mrs. Maryland.  She stopped talking and then the editor kept reading.  After he finished the last page he asked you have any dishes from this book and why does it say “Written by Athena Ross age 12” We all froze…

Then I told Mrs. Maryland to give him the dish and say, “She must have made a mistake.”  She did all that and then he said he will present it to his boss.  

A week later…

Report cards were coming out in one day.  My grades have not been so high lately.

“Meet me at seven in the room,” Mrs. Maryland told Anna and I at the end of class.  We met her at seven. “I got a letter from scholastics, I wanted to open it with you guys,” Mrs. Maryland said. We ripped it opened. It read “Congratulations Athena Ross your book was approved.” “Yes!!!!!!!!” We shouted on the top of our lungs.  Oh my god was that letter for me, did I read it correctly?  Not a splash of joy blushed over me, but a wave or joy stuck with me. I could remember writing, “Yogurt, roasted almonds and coconut.” When I wrote those words I would never think they were my future.    





On the Map of Africa

by Samantha L.


I'm staring at a sea of shapes.

South Africa is the one that drapes,

Right over Lesotho, who can't escape.

And above that's Zimbabwe, or is it Zambia?

Or maybe I'm getting it confused with Gambia?

Oh this entire thing's just dandy, uh–

Is that one Mauritania or Mali?

The one with that great big valley?

And Togo looks like a little alley

Between the countries Ghana and Benin.

And Algeria looks just like the twin

Of Libya, who's just a little more thin.

Then there's Guinea, not as in the pig

Who's wearing Guinea-Bissau as a wig.

And Mr. Malawi's skinny as a twig.

Oh do tell me, where even is Uganda's border?

And Equatorial Guinea's all out of order.

Ethiopia faintly resembles a video recorder…

Oh goodness I really can't seem to wrap

my head around this crazy Social Studies map



Today’s Forecast: A high chance for it to rain chocolate chips! What do the people have to say about it?


April 19, 3459, and who would’ve guessed it…it’s raining chocolate chips!  People around the globe are experiencing this sweet weather, but scientists are scared of what is going to happen next, and why it is happening.

               “Right now, our best theory is that something has caused a disruption in the weather, not knowing what, and this disruption is causing the downfall of chocolate chips.  We don’t have any scientific facts that can explain this disruption, and how it is changing the weather.  But if this rain doesn’t stop, then the Earth will dehydrate, and there will be a serious drought and the Earth’s populations will go down to 0,” says scientist Martha Camobile.  She is not the only one who is confused by this strange weather though.

               “Why is it raining chocolate chips?  Why not fruits or veggies? Mostly, I am afraid of my child, and how this unhealthy rain will affect her,” says concerned father, Mike Houstine.  And he is isn’t the only one who is upset about the rain.  More parents are worried that if this doesn’t stop, their children will be doomed to obesity.



I read the article again and again.  It’s raining chocolate chips?  No! It wouldn’t rain chocolate chips unless pigs could fly.  Then I looked out the window and all I could see was pink.  I blew out the candle that was by my desk and I went to the cupboard to take out my rain coat, my rain boots, and an umbrella.  I put on my coat and boots, and went outside to see what was blocking my window’s view.  I opened the door, and chocolate chips quickly came pouring into my dark house.  I slammed the door shut and used my umbrella to shield me from the chocolate chips that could’ve fallen on my head and given me a concussion.  I turned my head to see what was there.  My eyes widened and I almost felt my heart stop.  I saw a big flying pig was blocking my view of valleys full of chocolate chips.

               Flying Pigs!? What next? I asked myself.  Then I saw everything that I’ve never seen before.  The walking fish, the pink unicorns, and even…those.  I can’t even look at them!  They were so horrifying, so scary, they were barking, fluffy, adorable cats.  I turned my head away in disgust.  I hated cats! Especially the barking ones!  I went back inside, bringing back pools of chocolate chips with me.  I took off my boots and rain coat and put them back inside the cupboard along with my umbrella.  These days, electricity was so expensive, I didn’t even bother turning on the lights, but I kindled a fire into the fireplace for heat, and light.  I stared into the dancing fire, and it reminded me of the Sun.

               Oh, the Sun…When was the last time I’ve seen the Sun? I asked myself.  The sky was always gloomy, never blue, but always shades of gray and black.  Then, I heard a knock on the door.  I sighed and went to go open it when my fire went out.  Weird.  I slowly walked to the door, careful not to bump into any of my china.  Then, I twisted the knob, and my hand went numb, for it was so cold.  I sighed again, and this time, fog drifted out of my body and into the air.  How could it get this cold this fast?  Then I opened the door and screamed.  There was a fish in my face, and it smelled like it was sitting in a pantry for three years.

               “Get a hold of yourself, fish face!” said a naggy voice.   Immediately, I knew who it was.  Even if I could only see the figure of the person.

               “Nice to see you too, Megan,” I greeted my sister.

               “And why is it so dark?  You should turn on a light-“

               “No!” I interrupted her.  “Sorry for yelling, but it’s too expensive to pay for.”

               “Oh well,” she said.  “I guess some people aren’t as successful as mommy and daddy! And why is it so cold in here? Turn on the fireplace, please.” So I went over to the fireplace to turn it on once more.

               “So…Why are you here, Megan?” I asked while bending down to pick up some firewood.

               “Hmm?  Oh, sorry, just seeing how your china is so 2014!  I came here to meet my favorite person in the world!” I looked at her.  She never visited!  So why would she come now?

               “What’s the real reason you are here, and tell the truth this time, Megan!”

               “Fine!” she signed.  “Mommy and Daddy kicked me out of the mansion and said I had to make my own big money and not just steal theirs.  Then they said something about there not being enough money to take care of me because ow their chocolate chip company is out of business.”  My sister pouted.  But I was quiet.  I was concentrating on kindling the fire.  Click! Nothing happened.   Click! Nothing happened again.  Click! Sparks flew out into the air and made contact with the wood to start the fire.  My sister sat down on the couch next to the fireplace with her arms folded.  I noticed her sparkling blue dress and curly blond hair.  She was such a diva!

               “So now, I am here to live with you!” She pouted more.  What was I going to do with her?

               Then I noticed the fish in her hand.  “Why did you bring a fish?”

               “Oh, it’s for dinner.  Let’s cook it!” she said as she threw it into the fire.

               “No!” I yelled.  But it was too late.  The fish had gone up in flames.  It was quiet except for the fire which was cackling like a witch.  And I heard it.  Thump. Thump. Thump. Coming from the door.  I walked over to the door, and it was open.  They flying pig was trying to get through, but it couldn’t.  It was too fat, and it was trying to get through the door sideways.  I laughed.  MY sister came over too.  Then I heard a creaking sound from the ceiling.  I looked up.  The celling started to crack up and a small part of the ceiling gave in.  Chocolate chips came pouring through.

               “Run!” I yelled as I ran out the door.  I kept running until I thought I was at a safe distance from the house and I turned around.  The entire roof had caved in, and my sister was nowhere in sight.

               “Oh no!” I whispered as I sprinted back to the house.  I opened the door to see everything was clean, not one chocolate chip on the ground.  Then I turned the corner to see what very fat blob on the couch.

               “Where have you been?” the blob asked and I smiled.  My sister always did have a sweet tooth.  What am I going to do with her?




In over my head


I strive when I am in over my head,


When I am not sure what to expect,


When I do not know what is next,


When I am about to speak in front of the UN,


When I step out of my shell,


When I am going to walk into a room with new faces


When I am about to ride my fear like a wild horse,


When I am about to do what I think is impossible,


But then I close my eyes and remember, nothing is impossible the word impossible says I’m possible.



(I wrote this for a girl in Liberia)













Untitled by Keshav:






Autumn Trees and Leaves

by Anonymous


The leaves are yellow, red and brown,

A shower sprinkles softly down

And the air is fragrant, crisp and cool,

And once again, I'm stuck in school.


Little leaves fall softly down

Red and yellow, orange and brown

Whilrling, twirling round and round

Falling softly to the ground


Little leaves fall softly down

To make a carpet on the ground.

Then, swish, the wind comes whistling by

And sends them dancing to the sky.


I'm a little scarecrow,

Raggedy and worn.

I wear a hat

And a shirt that's torn.

When the crows come,

I wave and shout,

"Aways from my garden....

Get on out!"


The scarecrow stands

With hanging hands,

Beside the farmer's silo.

He scares the jay and crow away.

With just a painted smile.



Winter Snuggles

by Anonymous


Everyone tucks away by the fire

And hear Christmas carols

All night till they tire


Then sleep on the couches and floors 

All night waiting for Santa

To come a'knocking tonight


They put out cookies and milk

And carrots to Santa

To treat with and his reindeer to.




My Favorite English Activity This Year...was playing Eggspert because we learned more about the lesson in a FUN way!  Even though my team (The Orange Duckies) lost by a lot - we got 0 points - we still cheered our team on the most.  We won the trophy for most egg puns and most enthusiasm.  In conclusion, Eggspert and the Orange Duckies - Jared Z., Matthew Z., and Jake D. - was the most fun activity in English class.  Go Orange Duckies!



Dear Anyone,
Life is only hard if you make it hard.  In fact, life is very simple.  Eat, sleep, breath, drink water, and um, reproduce.  The only reason life is a "rollercoaster" is because we have emotions that start the ride.  Life is not a "roller coaster."  Life is not chocolate.  Life is too vague and too detailed to be described in little things, so don't try to give meaning to life, because it will never happen, even after you die.



by: Meghan


Summer is when your parents

take you shopping to buy new

swimsuits because you grew

out of your previous ones.


Summer is when you have a

bonfire and throw all the papers

you have worked so hard on

into the fire and not feel guilty at all.


Summer is when the blazing sun

is beating down on your delicate

skin giving you a sunburn that

aches horribly for the rest of the summer.


Summer is my favorite season.  No cares,

no worries, no homework.  Just fun in the

sun with family and friends, beach,

BBQ's, and swimsuits. 


Dear Anyone,


Life. I know it can be unfair, cruel, harsh and hard.  I know it's not easy, and you're not going to get everything you want or even deserve.  I know life, but I also know the good in it.  Life's a crazy roller coaster with its ups and downs.  Sometimes you're at the highest point.  You lean forward, then go spiraling down.  Then sometimes you're at the bottom and you have nowhere to go but up.  Life is a wonderful thing if you let it be.  If you just ride the rollercoaster.  You think the happy moments are the best and try to forget the sad, but don't because the sad make you who you are.  You need all of it to be alive because if you didn't, you'd just be watching the ride.

                                                                                                                                          Love, Cate



My Favorite Book... I Even Funnier.  This is my favorite book because it is filled with comedy and action.  It could even be considered realistic too.  The characters were interesting because they were all unique in a way.  Plus, the plot included many twists.  An example of this is when Jamie, the main character, was just about to go perform.  He was really nervous, but just as he was about to go on, they cut to a commercial break and he had to wait.  That made him even more nervous.  I would recomend this book to anybody that hates reading (WARNING: You might not hate reading after this book) from ages 10-15.  Overall, it really was a great book and I hope YOU will read it and like it too!


A Cold Winter’s Night
Maeve Rhatican

The cold cracking call of the crow,
the slow wisp of the dry wind,
the meadow is  as freezing as the ice upon the road.
A cold winter’s night

            It’s frigid air slowly chokes its victims,
            It lures children into it’s dark claws,
            it crawls closer until you cannot breath.
            A cold winter’s night.

                            My mind swirls as I look for warmth,
                            my legs freeze and I fall down, down, down.
                            It’s gelid white blanket hugs me as my eyes flutter to a close
                            A cold winter’s night.



by Kaitlin Maratea

Snowflakes fall through the night,

Spinning and glistening onto my light.

Softly, swiftly, without a sound, I see them dancing all around.

I watch in awe as they fall into a small mound.

And snowflakes fall.


So much snow, no school for the day,

the children come out to play.

Bringing out their sleds to race,

their smiles are as big as their face.

And snowflakes fall.


The winter cold,

hot chocolote sold,

sleigh bells ringing,

carollers singing

And snowflakes fall!


The Room

The room is dim.

The door is made out of squeaky brown wood

Falling off its hinge.

Everything is wrong.

Everything is dingy.

Clean it up,

or else they won't let you sleep...

Once you visit,

You won't glisten like the

Sun in the blue, blue sky.

All the equisite you have gathered

Will squeeze out of you.
Like a lemon.

They won't let you sleep...


A campfire, a scream, and a small lie that gets bigger & bigger

By Andrew Z.

Bob was the leader of the campfire and he told a story about a headless zombie.  Then someone screamed.  The headless zombie was real! Bob got scared out of his wits.  One guy asked him what happened and Bob just said, "Oh, I have a disease that makes me scream every 10 years."  The guy said "Oh" and walked away.  He came back ten minutes later and asked, "Can I get it?"

Bob said, "Sure, if you don't do one night of homework."  The guy walked away again and came back saying, "That's weird.  What can I do to cure it?" Bob said to go to Ancient Greece, find a man with the name Bob O'Neil and give him a million dollars.  He said ok and came back and said, "I know you're lying" and Bob said "I know." 

"So what actually happened?" asked the guy.

"The headless zombie scared me," said Bob.




by Matthew Z.



Butter Finger

Baby Ruth





Kit Kat

3 Musketeers

A Collection of Andrew Z.

1. A Poem in whic nothing is true:

My name is Bob

and I hate doorknobs

My favorite color is red

And I hate going to bed

I have 7 brothers

and 26 mothers

I have not been in 6th grade

Sometimes I wish I'd fade

I hate having fun

and soccer a ton


2. A Poem about a color

My least favorite color is pink.

All it does is make me think,

Why is that color such a thing?

When it doesn't do anything

Then that gets me all confused

All of this makes me want to snooze


3. A Poem in the form of a lullaby

A, B, C, D, E, F, G

Let's see how much cheese I can eat.

Pepper jack, colby jack, mozzerella cheese

Swiss cheese, American cheese, lastly munster cheese

Now I know my A, B, C's

But that is way too much of cheese


My Shadow by Nurah

My shadow follows me everywhere,

It blends in with the night,

Sometimes big and long,

My shadown can cause a fright.

Sometimes small and skinny,

My shadown has no might.

If I lost my shadow,

I'd wonder where it met its end,

Because without my shadow,

I will not have a friend.


 Identical Twins, a Party Invitation, and a Locked Closet

by Nurah

   It was Halloween.  the best day of the year!  Candy, chocolate, parties, and late bedtimes all in one!  this year, I got invted to Max's party.  It's supposed to be really fun!  His parties are seriously legit.

   Nanny Flavia drops me off at Max's house.  His mom answers the door.  She's dressed in a witch costume, ripped pants and all.  Awesome!  As soon as I enter, it's black.  Completely black.  Silent.  Completely silent.  I stand therre for a long time doing nothing.  I hear something!  It's the rustle of a ---- chainsaw?!

   I run everywhere back and forth.  I try a bedroom.  Locked!  A closet.  Locked!  I'm freaking out, have no place to go.  Upstairs, downstairs, the person with the chainsaw keeps following me.  I have no time to look back. 

   "Time to use some tactics," I think.  I run, five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes.  And then I stop.  My chaser, attacker, whatever, keeps running.  There's two of them!  They turn around at the same time.  Identical!  Identical twins, both with the same grin playing at their faces.  I'm going to like Halloween!


Identical Twins, a Party Invitation, and a Locked Closet

by Anonymous

      "We got invited to Meg's party!" said Steph, one of the identical twins.  

      "Yeah!" her sister, Ayla, screamted.

      The two girls werer very excited to go to Meg's party.  They picked out dresses to wear and what to get MEg.  The next day, they arrived at Meg's house.  meg decided to play hide-n-go-seek because it was raining outside.  Meg wanted to be it first, so the girls went to hide.  They ran upstairs towards Meg's room.  They ran twoards her closet and opened the door, but when Steph tried to open the door, it was locked!  All of a sudden, they heared a shake and a bang.  They ran out of the room as fast as they could. To be continued...



 Work from 2014-2015:

My favorite book is...

   - The Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  This series was great because it was very comedic and got my attention the whole time.  The characters wree very funny and interesting.  Alos, they got into trouble a lot so it was suspenseful at times.  I would recommend this bok to elementary school kids because that's when I read it.  This was definitely my favorite series.

   - Legend.  This is a really good book because it is in the future and it's kind of a mystery novel.  one of the main character's brothers dies and they are trying to find out who did it.  The best part of the book is that every chapter, the perspective changes from one main character to another so you get their point of view on what is happening.  I would recommend this book to all of my friends and peers because it's a great book. Also, there are two more books in the series so if you like the first one, the rest might be perfect for you too.

   - Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz.  This book is a part of the Alex Rider series and there are reasons why it is my favorite.  The main reason is because the character is relatable especially in this book.  The main character is Alex Rider, a teen spy who lost is parents in a supposed plan crash.  He knows nothing more until one day when he comes across a woman who tells him what really ahppened.  During this process, he learns about his parents and his thoughts are relatable ones.  Even when you know if he is doing something, you still know why and you would most probably do the same thing if you were in his place.  while being relatable, this book is packed with action and unbelievable twists.  I recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a good action/adventure book.


I enjoyed...

   -This year in English class I really enjoyed rwiting our personal narratives.  I enjoyed this very much because this assignment really made me reflect on my life and think about a significant experience that I've encountered.

   -My favorite activity in English class is the personal narrative.  This is my favorite activity because I got to write an event that happened to me.  I can write and express the feelings I felt at the time it was happening.  I also liked the fact that it is my memory and it is not limited to an assignment and a certain topic.  It is from my point of view.  All in all, I really enjoyed writing the personal narrative because it allowed me to express my thoughts.

   -I enjoyed working in  a group to create the Charles Dickens powerpoint as it was a fun and interesting activity.  During this activity, or group developed a poowerpoint to teach the rest of the class about Charles Dickens or the Victorian Era.  I enjoyed it because it allowed me to work in a group and learn about the Victorian Era, which made the activity fun and engaging.

   -I believe that (or I enjoyed the most) lit circles was the best activity.  One: because you could write at your own pace and there was no punishment of reading ahead (only to tease the others about what was going to happen:) ).  Two: because you got to read a book that you want to read, so you're able to mentally cross out books you think are boring and/or dull.  These are just some reasons why I liked lit circles the best.


Haiku by Joey T.

The "Best" in the NBA
Anderson, Kendrick
The best in the NBA
Finger-rolls all day
Diamante by Joey T.
The "Best" in the NBA
Anderson Varejao
Hairy, Scary
Airballing, Embarrassing, Frightening
Finger-rolling but never succeeding
Failing, Struggling, Screaming
Sweaty, Slow
Kendrick Perkins
Roses are Red
by: Valerie
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Wait just a moment,
The second line is not true.
And as long as I'm ranting,
My mouth on a run,
That style of poem
Has been way overdone.
From sappy love notes,
To undisguisable hate,
Every one of them is cheesy,
Every one up to date.
So maybe this year,
I'll start a new trend,
And put all this nonsense,
To a definite end.
Library Books
by: Joey
"Hey, son! Let's go to the library!"
"No, Mom, the books there are scary!"
"Why is that, son? What makes your heart hurt?"
"Well, the pages are covered with old food and dirt.
There are boogers shoved in between pages.
And the spines are broken, they've been used for ages.
This opinion isn't only mine, it's an opinion that's global,
So for that reason, Mom, can we go to Barnes & Noble?"
A Green Holiday
by: Joey T.
I thought this would be the year
When the sky would fill with white,
The clouds would surround the sun,
And birds would chirp with delight.
But I was wrong about the weather.
I look at the sky with a frown.
This year will be a green holiday,
That weatherman on News 12 sure did let me down.

An interesting Maggie

One splendid day, with an aqua-blue sky and emerald-green grass, Mrs. Winters sauntered out the brick-red door and took a breath of air that had the fragrance of flowers, grass, and dirt.  She sauntered and sauntered and sauntered on the beige concrete sidewalk until she walked under a slate-gray boulder.  Mrs. Winters stayed under the enornmous rock for so long that she was not attentive to the impending destruction of the planet.  But after the end of the world, Mrs. Winters got up and saw that she was in a crumbling, burning world and ate a sandwich.  Mrs. Winters complained that the world now had a smoke scent to it and coughed.  Then she strode some more home, but she could not find it.


A limerick by Kaivu!


There once was a silly old man,

wrote a limerick that had no fans.

He said, "I did cry,

But I think I know why.

I tried to fit as many syllables in the last line as I possibly can!"


Sandwich Flavors

by: Maggie

Ham Sandwich

Turkey Sandwich

Cheese Sandwich

Egg Sandwich

Which sandwich do you like?


Autumn by Maggie


   When you think of Fall, or Autumn, you problably think of pumpkin spice and boots.  But the third season of the year is not just those, it is actually more.  There are things like the outdoors scenery, and the beginning of school.  Fall truly is a wonderful season.

     You can feel the outside air get frigid, and the leaves turn from green to various colors, like a banana-toned yellow, a cinnamon brown, or a crimson red.  Usually, the hues of the leves go with the trees, and it looks absolutely stunning.  Even if it rains, the fall scenery still has a magnificent appearance.  When these leaves fall off the trees, it is a sure sign that winter will arrive at your place soon.  The many-colored leaves get blanketed by a sheet of white snow.

   Another positive event that happens once we transition to Autumn is the first day of school.  Yes, some students may argue that school is not that good, but actually, education is important and helpful.  At school, you can meet new friends, or talk to friends that you haven't seen all summer.  You can also learn new things at school or recover lost knowledge from the previous summer.  The beginning of the school year is another great aspect of the autumn season.

   Fall is really a very beautiful season since there is the start of a new school year and the appealing outdoors scenery.  Anybody can enjoy fall, regardless of who they are, and there are many things that I personally love about it.  As you can see, Fall is obviously a lot more than warm pumpkin spice and brown shearling boots.


Airplanes by Liz


If I had an airplane,

Where would I go?

Would I cross the ocean?

I do not know.          


Would I soar in the clouds?

Like a great, mighty eagle?                

Would I swwop down low,

And creep like a beagle?


If I had an airplane,

Where would I go?

Would I cross the ocean?

I'll just wait to know.  



School by Joey and Rishi

School is penne pasta.

You can decide what you want it to be for you.

It can be bland if you choose, or you can cover it

With parmesian and it can be the 

Greatest thing in the world.



Rarity - by Akash



The goddess Rarity is the most powerful being in the universe. This happened due to the Time Lord summoning a meteorite with a magical crystal, and launching it towards a land known as Glades Land. As soon as Rarity landed she had an instinct to create life. Inside Rarity’s brain there is a micro cell that has the ability to take over her independent thoughts. This can give the Time Lord the ability to use Rarity’s power for the benefit of life, but the Time Lord made a mistake in his early years and caused a creature to form and have the ability to be immortalized once it evolves. This mistake caused Time Lord to create Rarity and balance out the evil with good.


Chapter 1: A hero is born


Glades Land was always a quiet place until star striker came to live in it. Star was the strongest man alive at that time; he owned all the guns and all the muscle, but there was something happening to Star, he was changing into something evil, something dark. While this happened at the edge of Glades Land, there was something happening to Rarity. She was detecting a massive force of evil on the horizon. It wasn’t long until the force was born. This scared Rarity because she knew it is the only thing strong enough to defeat her. So she sat there hoping it was a heart of good not evil.


Rarity wasn’t the only one sensing a presence of the ancient creature. The Darkness felt a new prey to hunt, for he detected that it has much power in it. As the news spread, Rarity found out about Star’s existence and so told her guards to find him and bring him back to the kingdom. A few days later, Star found out about Rarity’s hunt and wanted no part of it. So he took his horse and rode it off to the border of Glades Land. Rarity then had a surge of energy and saw a vision of a ripped out star pin near a border gate. In a split second, Rarity used her horn and teleported right in front of Star as he was arriving near the gate. He looked up and saw a purple skinned unicorn that had a bright blue horn. Rarity exclaimed in an angelic voice, "Star Striker you have been infected.”

“What do you mean?” questioned Star.

“I mean that The Darkness is inside of your soul,” Rarity said as she grabbed him and teleports away.

A second later a bright light appeared near the kingdom doors. Rarity and Star both appeared after it. After a few hours of medical and magical testing, Star found out that the darkness was using him all along as energy for him. He also found out that the Darkness was slowly killing him cell by cell. In shock, Star looked up to Rarity and asked, “How long?” Instead of answering, Rarity just sighed and walked back to her room slowly looking back on her way. That day, Star went back to his home and sat there with the news, until there was black dust surrounding him. He woke up and saw a figure with a black face and pure white eyes. It looked at him and said, “Your time has come.”  


A few hours later, Rarity woke up Star and they were in the main room. She explained to him how he got from his room to her living room. She told him that he was having a vision of the future, and that caused him to sleep walk to the living room. Star then felt a loss of energy and saw a person being created right in front of him. Rarity moved back, realizing this was the person she feared, the person that could be good or evil. As if planned, Rarity and an uninvited guest blurted out, “A Hero's birth, or A Villain's rise."


A faint whisper came out of the light, a boy. The boy came out and in fear ran towards the wall. There he stopped Rarity and The Darkness from coming close by making a dome. He had accidentally summoned a type of laser that reflected all promiceum and a plasma compound, essential elements for the magic to fuse. Star looked at the creature that he created and saw the boy. He was browned haired, long nosed, and had purple/blue/green eyes. In shock he muttered to himself,” He looks so much like me.”

In a split second Rarity and the Darkness are face to shadow in a fighting stance position. The darkness uses his eyes and instantly absorbs Star’s soul. He looks at Rarity and says, "Remember the stars."