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Unit 1: Individuality


This unit begins with something we're all knowledgeable about: ourselves! Students start by taking some shelfies.  Then, they write to me about themselves and their values.  After we get to know one another, we read a novel, Freak the Mighty, together, analyzing the characters and how authors teach us about them.  During the book, we take time to evaluate the characters and write an argumentative essay that proves one of them either guilty or innocent for a horrible crime.  The unit culminates with a test that assesses students on the skills we practiced throughout the unit.  




Resources by Skill:

 *If you would like more resources, please see me during class, before or after school, or during lunch for more.  Some documents I tried to upload for you here would not work, but I have plenty of extras in the classroom!



1. Signposts

 Completed Signpost Chart.docx 

 Signpost Video Clip Chart.docx 


2. Predictions & Inferences

 Characterization inference predictions definitions.docx 


3. Argumentative Terms

  Argumentative Terms & Examples.pptx 

*Google classroom includes sample writing assignments related to these terms as well.


4. Characterization

 Characterization inference predictions definitions.docx 



Ways to prepare for the Freak the Mighty test

Jeopardy Game:  Test Review 2017.pptx 

Info For Test Info for test.docx 

 Ways to Prep for FTM test.docx (This document says "Tomorrow's Test" on it, but you can ignore that title)