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Resources by Unit


This page provides important notes, activities, and assignments.  Follow the links to find what you need.  If you cannot find something, or if one of the links does not work, please let me know!  Thank you.


Unit 1: Individuality (Shelfies, Shelfie E-mails, Konstruct-A-Kid, Freak the Mighty, Argumentative Essay)


Unit 2: Change & Transformation (Elements of Drama, Victorian Era research, A Christmas Carol, Literary Analysis)


Unit 3: Perspectives in Fiction (Sound devices, Walk Two Moons, Flashback, signposts, Parenthetical Expressions, Point of View)


Unit 4: WWII - Perspectives in nonfiction/historical fiction (Strategies for reading nonfiction, constructed response, WWII historical fiction lit circle, narrative writing)


Unit 5: Choices & Consequences ("All Summer in a Day," "A Sound of Thunder," The Outsiders or Whirligig; narrative writing)