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Welcome to Mrs. Doty's Sixth Grade

 English Language Arts Class! 

January News



Important Notes:


January 2: Welcome Back!

January 8-9: Math MAP

January 15-16: Reading MAP


*Check this site weekly for news about upcoming events, current ELA work and due dates, and homework.


What are we working on in ELA?


We have begun our second major unit: informational text. In Readers Workshop, we are working on informational text reading skills. Students will be practicing these skills both with independent informational text reading choices, and while researching their topics for Writers Workshop.



In Writers Workshop, we have begun a unit on information-based research. Students have already researched and written an essay on the topic of Teen Activism. Now they will become Teen Activists in support of an issue they have chosen themselves. They will research and construct an informational text about a global problem.



Parents, ask your student which issue they have chosen to research. While assisting your students with these projects, please keep in mind that this is an informational text, rather than a persuasive or argumentative text. While students may be presenting possible solutions to the problems they are researching, they should work to keep their writing informative, rather than persuasive.


Many of our RI6 standards will be assessed during this unit (reading informational text). I will be posting lessons and extra practice on this website for any students who have not shown mastery in any of the standards. 




While students are still expected to read 100 minutes/week and respond to their reading in their Thought Logs, they are not limited to reading informational text outside of class. They should be responding to their reading most weeks with a page in their Thought Logs, using the thought prompts for either fiction or nonfiction, depending upon their reading choices.


*There will be no assigned Reading Log or Thought Log the week we return from break (January 2). Regular Reading Log/Thought Log assignments will resume on Monday, January 7. 



General Information:


Our ELA goal this year is to work toward building a "reading and writing life" by increasing volume, complexity, and enjoyment of reading and writing.  Please feel free to contact Mrs. Doty at any time through email at  or 262-862-2356 extension 1175. I look forward to a great year of laughing and learning together!