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Welcome to Mrs. Doty's Sixth Grade

English Language Arts Class!



I hope everyone had a great first week of school! We spent last week catching up and getting to know our new classmates with some fun team building activities. We also learned many of our classroom routines and expectations. In ELA, we began Readers and Writers Workshops with a fun project called "What's In My Head?" which will serve as "seed" ideas for future writing pieces.



Important Notes:


Tuesday, September 4 - First Day of School

Friday, September 14 - Back to School Bash

September 21 - Camp Wonderland Paperwork Due

October 1 - Day of Service Pledges Due

Thursday, October 11 - Friday, October 12 - Camp Wonderland 


*Remember to check this site weekly for news about upcoming events, current ELA work and due dates, and homework.



What to Expect This Week in ELA:


This week we will be previewing the year in ELA and getting to know each other through a project called "What's in my Head?" Be sure to ask your student what's in his or her head! 





Starting this week, students will be expected to read 20 minutes daily and respond to their reading in a "Thought Log," which was introduced in class on Monday. Please feel free to let me know if you or your student has any questions about responding to their reading while they get the hang of the their Thought Logs. 



Our goal this year is to work toward building a "reading and writing life" by increasing volume, complexity, and enjoyment of reading and writing.  Please feel free to contact Mrs. Doty at any time through email at  or 262-862-2356 extension 1175. I look forward to a great year of laughing and learning together!