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Parents, The hardcopy of this packet only has pages 1-27 of the document.  If you would like further work, please see the document below.  Please go to the March 2020 Planned Lessons Page

(continuing learning packet) 


  2nd grade Math Macaluso.pdf 


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Mrs. Macaluso's "Just Keep Swimming"




If you are in need of meals, please go to  LPPS sent out text messages and emails regarding future meal service. 



Dear Parents,




One of our Jag parents has volunteered to bring pictures/cards to nursing homes.  There will be a drop off box in the JPE front office from ***Monday - Tuesday*** next week for anyone interested.  Let's spread some JPE Love.    ***(She is in NH management & will be following safety precautions.)***









     Parents/Guardians, please check your child's daily folder for ELA, Math & other items sent home.  Your child may have have 2 to 3 teachers and we all share this folder.  Please review and remove papers from the "Keep At Home" side of the folder.  Once removed, it is my tip to put them in one place in case you need to go back to them.



     The RED plastic folder is for graded papers.  Only F papers need to be signed and returned. 



     The blue Math & Social Studies (1st semester) Science (2nd semester) will hold the Daily Math, Fluency and other possible skill sheets.  Also, please check and sign the behavior chart every day.  This is kept in the back of the daily folder.  


So glad to have you in 2nd grade!



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