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Want Day-to-Day up-dates on what's is going on with assignments, tests, etc? 

Sign up for Remind!  See Below!





If you have a concern and need to talk to me, please do one of the following and I will call you as soon as I am free of student, teacher, or duty responsibilities (which means probably after school):

     1.  Send me a note asking me to contact you about a concern with your name, your child's name and your phone

           number on it. 

      2. Send an e-mail to, with your name, your child's name and your phone number.

      3. Call the school office (337-239-3874) and leave a message for me to call you with your name, your child's

          name, and your phone number.

Unless it is something that I need to know about when your child walks in the door, you do not need to write down your concern.  If it is something that I need to address immediately in the classroom, please, write a note and explain the situation.  This way, I can solve that type of problem immediately.  



Sign up now for Remind.  I sent out the homework and Test schedules daily.   And it's free!  Just follow the instructions below!

      1.  Send a text to the following telephone number 81010

      2.  Sign up for whichever class your child is in by typing the code for the slass starting with the "@"

                                     7th grade science     code @9948h7k

                                     8th grade science     code @98994c

           or e-mail the following:  7th grade

                                                 8th grade

      3.  When the program responds, it will ask you to type in your first and last name.  This ca be either you or your

           child's.  Sometimes, if you are already a Remind 101 user, it does not require this step. 

You are in!  If you have any problems, send a note with your child with your phone number on it.  I'll contact you, and we'll get it done over the phone.



DUE DATES all assignments are due at beginning of class.  The grades will be recorded in grade book that day.  Late work cannot receive Bonus Points, even if it is turned in later that day.   


INCOMPLETE, MESSY, OR WORK THAT WAS NOT DONE PER INSTRUCTIONS, will be returned to the student to finish, fix, or redo, (whichever applies) and turn back in for a grade.  If never turned back in, student receives .1 F as a grade.

Work without a name is not given credit.  I do not have time to find out what work belongs to who when going through 130+ papers+. 

LATE WORK can be turned in until the student takes the test without penalty.  After test it is 25% per day.

MAKE-UP WORK must be turned in the one week before the end of the six week term.

MAKE-UP TESTS Taken as directed in the VPSB guidebook based on absences and during class period.

GRADED WORK is not sent home. It is stored in your child's folder in class. Your child is allowed to see them.

TEST RETAKES  - Only those who complete all homework prior to test can retake the test.

Tests are taken within a reasonable time limit.  Students with an IEP/IAP have a modified time limit.  Any unanswered questions once the time limit is up will be marked incorrect.  Students are well aware of the time limits at the beginning of the test.



     1.  Come prepared. (Homework, Current Notes, 2 pencils that write,  eraser, and text book)

     2.  Be on time and ready to begin when bell rings.  (late students will be sent for tardies)

     3.  Be respectful of others. (I am very strict about this.)

     4.  Follow instructions quickly and quietly.  (We have a lot to do.  To get it all done, they need to do as I ask when I


     5.  Participate in ALL class activities.  (Class activities are varied and purposeful.  I expect full participation)

     6.  Enage and learn from bell to bell.  (we work from the second the walk into my classroom until that bell rings. 

              We do not pack out early and we are engaged for the entire time.  Sleeping or looking like we are sleeping or

              slouching or hanging out in our desk is not allowed in my classroom.)

     7.  All student behavior must promote both emotional and physical safety for every individual in the classroom. (I

               don't play games with the physical and emotional safety of my students.  If I see any level of bullying, etc.,

               it will be stopped and reported immediately.  Learning can only happen where students feel safe.  My

               classroom is a safe place for all students.  Please notify me if there are problems that I am not aware of.) 

     8.  Do your homework.  It is a graded assignment and is practice for the test.  It is due at the

         beginning of each class period.















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