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United States History at the secondary level is a survey course that examines the development of democratic processes in the United States.  The course begins with the end of the Reconstruction period in America and traces the major historical events of the nation up to the present challenges to the American way of life.  Units to be covered western expansion, industrialization, the Progressive Era, U.S. foreign policy through WWI, the roaring twenties, the Great Depression and New Deal, WWII, the Cold War, and an examination of a changing times, challenges and advances to present day.  The course is meant to prepare students to successfully pass the End-of-Course test in U.S. History.



Supplies:   1 ½ to 2 inch binder, loose leaf paper, composition book, #2 pencils, ink pens (blue or black in) 

A list of other supplies for projects or assignments may be provided in advance as need arises. 


Textbook: The American History text is The American Republic Since 1877.  


Grading:    Students are required to keep a notebook with class notes, handouts, assignments, returned tests, etc.  This should be kept organized and up to date.  Students should be prepared to turn the notebook in for a grade without advance notice.  As each standard is covered a variety of assignments, quizzes, and tests will be administered.  A comprehensive exam will be administered after a standard is completed.  


Important Notice: Students will be administered an end-of-course test in American History. 


Contact information:     If a conference is desired one can be arranged by calling the main office at 239-3464.  My school email is