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Mr. Jeremy Braverman


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Students compete in academic challenges throughout the school year. They

represent HHS at the Rutgers Bowl, Shore Academic Meet, B.R.I.T.E., and

Channel 12 Academic Challenge. Spots on the team are competitive.

Contact: Mrs. Kinsely




The Anime Club is designed for high school students to meet, discuss, show, and promote

anime in a local community setting and can also focus on broadening Japanese cultural understanding.

Contact: Mrs. Frons 




This peer leadership group prepares student delegates to make decisions based

on an appreciation of the ethnic, racial, and religious diversity within New Jersey.

The five-day summer program, offered to select students here at HowellHigh School

is designed to provide a life changing experience for every delegate in which they

can break barriers, deal with biased behavior, and develop an Action Plan to

 increase tolerance in our school community.

Mr. Braverman's office every morning

Contact: Mrs. Collins or Mrs. Stevenson




Art Club enables members to be creative and grow individually as an artist while beautifying the

school and community. The Art Club is open to all students at Howell High School.

Contact: Ms. Greberis  




Members of this club will meet twice a month. School appropriate readings

will be chosen in order to discuss themes and specific aspects of the text.  Members will

 be able to strengthen their ability to evaluate and judge the quality of writing that is read.

Contact: Mr. Reid




In Business Ethics, a team of students are given a scenario in which ethics are absent.  The students focus on evaluating and resolving the situation.  The team presents their case to a panel of judges and competes with other schools in the district for the best possible solution.

Contact: Mr. Buckner  



C.A.R.E./C.A.R.E for KIDS

Caring Adolescent "Rebel" Enthusiasts

C.A.R.E. is a philanthropic club. It is Howell High's service organization offering support and assistanceto the ill and needy of our high school and community. Students will also visit children hospitals in the area to volunteer their time afterschool and assistin the hospital by interacting with children  who are ill. Visits to the hospital are coordinated by students on their own time and transportation is provided by a student's family.

Groups will meet periodically in school to discuss events and plan their visits.

Contact: Mrs. Eccelston




Varsity Cheerleaders support the athletic teams by encouraging good sportsmanship and leading the fansin supportive involvement during athletic events. There is also a varsity competition team that is selected during the week of tryouts.

Contact: Mrs. Markovitch




Members of the club will develop thinking skills in the game of chess through reviewing

strategies with the students in order to foster logic and refine their anticipation skills.

Contact: Mr. Reid 




Elections are held in May and in September for Freshmen. Students plan and organize

events for individual classes including Homecoming, Junior and Senior proms.

Contact: Mrs. McComb




This program’s participants learn how to spin flags, rifles, and

sabers. Color Guard members perform as the Band Front

along with the Marching Rebel Band at all home and away football games. The

color guard also participates in the Band Competitions.

Contact: Mrs. McDermott  or




The Comic Book Club is made up of a small group of students who share the same interest and appreciation for comic books.

Contact: Mr. Carbonaro




The Dance Team performs at school events, for example: pep rallies, football games,

and basketball games.

Contact: Ms. Petschenik




The Debate Club offers an opportunity for students to see the world from new perspectives and conduct themselves both professionally and assertively.  Students will develop an understanding of opening, fact finding, rebuttal and closing arguments.

Contact: Mr. Reid  




The Drama Club which produces a non-musical as well as a musical each year, is open to all students. Studentscan be part of the club as performers, technicians, and other crews, including publicity, ticket sales, costumes, etc.

M-F  after school in A117

Contact Mr. Kazakoff




The Echo Yearbook staff gains valuable experience publishing Howell High School

in photos and copy. Hard-working, responsible, and dedicated people are needed.

After School in C216

Contact: Mrs. Jones 






Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

The mission of FCCLA is to promote personal growth and leadership

development through family and consumer science education. Focusing on

the multiple roles of family members, wage earners, and community leaders,

members develop skills for life through character development, creative, and

critical thinking, interpersonal communications, practical knowledge, and

vocational preparation. Students have the opportunity to participate in after

school meetings, attend the fall leadership conference and the state

leadership conference, and to participate in a community service project.

Contact: Mrs. Handy




Our club will meet twice a month (every other Thursday) and is open to all students.  

Members will meet for atime of fellowship, worship and a bible study.

 Guest speakers from local churcheswill be invited to share experiences

and facilitate the study.  Outreach opportunities within the

school and local community may be available throughout the year.  

Contact: Mrs. Blythe 







French Club is an extension of what we can accomplish in class where students see what they have learned come to life. There will be food, cultural events, movies and stories of French countries that will be explored. Also, members of French honor society are available to perform their tutoring in French.

 Contact Robert Davis,






  Our club’s central focus is to facilitate coalition building.

This means we encourage all students regardless of sexual orientation, race, creed, or otherwise to join this club. In addition the club engages in supportive discussions on many related topics especially with those having to do with gender related issues.The club also seeks to advance the cause of inclusiveness through education of peers and providing an exchange of ideas, experiences and concerns. 

Additionally, from time-to time we will meet with other clubs during the year to exchange ideas and share in activities.This is a fun group who always allows every voice to be heard and promotes good will and understanding.

Meeting every other Wednesday after school in C105

Contact: Mrs. Mrazek




Interact will be a club for students to “interact” with peers who have learning

disabilities. It is a great opportunity for people to get to know each other, get

students involved in extracurricular activities, and gain volunteer hours.

Contact: Mrs. Hardaway




The Howell HS Jazz Band is an auditioned ensemble that meets once a week

after school. Auditions are held after Thanksgiving and rehearsals are held

through May. Positions are available for trumpets, trombones, saxophones,

guitar, bass, piano, and drum set. All applicants must be able to read music

proficiently. A prerequisite is being a member of the music department.

Contact: Mr. Limaldi




Junior State of America

JSA provides a platform for high school aged students with an interest in current events and political issues.  These students will have an opportunity to work cohesively and develop solutions to solve issues through debates, intellectually stimulating conversations and simulations.

Contact: Ms. Samatha Katz 




Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service,build character and develop leadership skills.  This high school organization is sponsored by Kiwanis International and assists in carrying out its mission to serve the children of the world.  Key Club members perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives.

Contact: Mrs. Stevenson or Mrs. Adkins




Want to learn a new skill? Come join knit for life. Established knitters help new or others looking to brush up on knitting, we have needles and yarn.  Members will meet in room C212 on designated Thursdays and will knit hats for premature infants and scarfs for survivors of Relay for Life.

Contact: Mrs. Eccleston / Mrs. Twidle




A literary magazine celebrating the artists and writers of Howell High School,

this award winning magazine publishes high quality poetry, short stories,

artwork, and photography.

Contact: Mrs. Gage-Dixon




LFD is a student run group for discussion of social issues pertaining to the school and the community. The students discuss what they can do to make Howell High School an environment where every student has a voice and feels welcome.

Every other Thursday, after school in the Media Center

Contact: Mrs. Collins




The Marching Rebel Band performs at all football games in addition to

entering USSBA competitions. Performances also include the Memorial Day

Parade and the Elks Parade in Wildwood, NJ. The band has also performed

at Board of Education meetings, the District Track meet and all pep rallies. No

experience is necessary-just a desire to be involved and plenty of school spirit.

Contact: Mr. Limaldi




Students compete in academic challenges throughout the school year. They

represent HHS at several competitions throughout the Shore Conference.  Spots on the team are competitive.

Contact: Mrs. Huy 




Howell's Mock Trial annually competes against other schools as part of a statewide tournament.  The team is given fictional court cases in which they must interpret evidence and take on roles as attorneys and witnesses.  They use their public speaking, debating and improvising skills to conduct trials against other schools in a real courthouse.

Contact: Ms. Ruth Schue




M. Pearle Button Chapter

The National Honor Society is a national organization that recognizes and

encourages scholarship, character, service, and leadership. A student must

have at least a 3.75 grade point average (G.P.A.) through grade 10, to be

considered for membership in the National Honor Society.

Contact: Ms. Gregorakis 

Check us out :




This activity is set up as a working record label to expose our students to

practical, non-performance-based careers in the music industry. The group is

structured as similarly as possible to a professional recording company. Some

examples of the different types of departments include A&R (scouting and

development),Talent, Publishing, Promotion, Accounting, "Legal," Art,

Graphics, Media Relations, and Marketing to name a few.

Contact: Mr. Cantaffa




Pit Orchestra is a selected ensemble which meets three days a week after

school starting in January. This orchestra performs for the Spring Musical

each year.

Contact Mr. Limaldi




This is an all-female a cappella pop group that features current radio songs

and the unique sound of the female ensemble. Intense rehearsals and lots of

fun make this team great! Auditions are held in June for the following year.

Contact: Mr. Cantaffa




This is an all-female Doo-op group that features

a unique sound of the female ensemble. Intense rehearsals and lots of

fun make this team great! Auditions are held in June for the following year.

Contact Mr. Cantaffa




 Rebel Yell is an all star, mixed, a cappella vocal team that performs

songs from many styles of pop music. REBEL YELL makes appearances at

many school events on the HHS campus and is invited to perform at

a host off campus events per year. The team is selected by

audition in June for the following school year.

Contact:  Mr. Cantaffa




Rebel Film Alliance is a group of movie enthusiast. 

They meet regularly to analyze, discuss, and shoot their own films.

Contact: Mr. Napolitano




Celebrating the cancer survivorship and the support of caregivers throughout the cancer journey.

Club meets throughout the school year at various days after school, planning and fundraising for the overnight Relay for Life event in June on the baseball field at Howell High School.  

Contact: Mrs. Eccleston




FIRST Tech Challenge Team! 

Do you want to become a member of the maker community?

FIRST challenges students to work as a team to build competition robots.

We offer training in JAVA programming,

3D Computer Aided Design, Electrical and Mechanical engineering,

teamwork, public speaking skills,

and technology.

We work with professionals while doing most of the work ourselves practicing our

Science, Technology, Engineering, Artistic and Math (STEAM) skills.

Competitions start in November

and last through February.

We accept anyone who demonstrates a love for technology,

and we celebrate everyone’s unique talents. 

Contact: Mr. Morgan  or Mrs Burns  

We meet every Tuesday and Thursday, after school in B107




Students Against Destructive Decisions are

Students committed to an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug free lifestyle can

be involved in a number of activities including a cross-age education project

involving the elementary school districts.

1st Tuesday of the month in the cafe after school

Contact: Mrs. Mussari




The Shakespeare Club will allow students to share their true love of Shakespeare’s works

that inspire the many talented students of Howell High School. 

Students will have an opportunity to delve into many of Shakespeare’s plays and discuss phrases, wording and different interpretations behind the creative works of the Shakespearean era.

Contact: Mrs. Gage-Dixon




The purpose of the Student Council is to provide student leadership in

activities and address concerns on behalf of the student body. The student

body elects the officers and class representatives who work together to

promote school spirit and community service. Student Council coordinates

the Homecoming activities, including the annual parade and semi-formal.

They also sponsor Battle of the Classes, seasonal pep rallies, and class

volleyball tournaments. Among their community service activities are the

Holiday Giving Tree, the Thanksgiving food drive, and serving as student

guides at 8th Grade Orientation and Back to School Night.

Every other Wednesday as needed in C113 after school

Contact: Mrs. McComb 




Technology Student Association

TSA is devoted exclusively to the needs of technology students.

As a memberof TSA, one has the opportunity to run for an elected office,

assist in acommunity project, explore career choices receive recognition and prestige

through local, state, and national competitions, as well as expand their knowledge of

technology in today's world.

We invite all technology students to become involved with the

#1 TSA high school chapter in New Jersey.

Every other Tuesday, after school in B109

Contact: Mrs. Roses  











Boys Cross Country


Girls Cross Country


Field Hockey






Boys Soccer


Girls Soccer


Girls Tennis


Girls Volleyball







Boys Bowling


Girls Bowling


Boys Swimming


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Boys Indoor Track


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Boys Basketball


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Boys Lacrosse


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