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October is flying by. Read below to find out what is happening in third grade. Don't forget this week is Spirit Week. The days are listed under important dates below.

I liked when we watched the watermelon explode from the force of rubber bands.


I liked when we watched the push and pull video of tug of war, learning about force and motion.
My math test was fun.
Art was fun. I made a colorful gradient.

We started the SumDog Challenge. I hope we win. 
I liked when we read All the Way to America during Social Studies.
I had fun publishing my true story on the Chromebook.
I liked when we read Ralph Tells a Story. It reminded me of when I was writing with my brother once and I couldn't think of a story.
I enjoyed reading a little bit more of Because of Winn-Dixie. Winn-Dixie went to church and chased a mouse.
I loved when we took our math test with rounding, regrouping, and addition.
I enjoyed learning about immigrants and how they got here.



Important dates coming up:
Spirit Week:

  • Monday, October 21: Pajama Day
  • Tuesday, October 22: Boot Day
  • Wednesday, October 23: Super Hero Day
  • Thursday, October 24: Favorite Sports Team Day
  • Friday, October 25: School Team Colors Day (Mrs. Acton's class wears gold, Mrs. Mortimer's class wears black.)
Tuesday, October 22: Published true stories due
Thursday, October 24: Immigrants quiz
Friday, October 25: Math Quiz, Spelling/dictation test (inflectional endings -ing and -ed), Magic Assembly, Pep Rally
Thursday, October 31: Halloween Parade and Party
Wednesday, November 6: End of 1st marking period

Learning goals and big ideas for next week:
-subtract mentally
-estimate differences
-problem-solving-estimate or exact answers
-subtract with regrouping
-finish publishing our true stories
-write words ending in -ing and -ed
-begin our next reading and writing units (Reading to Learn and The Art of Informational Writing)
-why readers read nonfiction texts
-how to get your mind ready to read a nonfiction text
-why writers write informational pieces
-how to make a plan for writing an informational piece
-challenges faced by immigrants*
-why immigrants come to the US*
-how immigrants can become US citizens*
-collaboratively write clear and complete information-rich sentences about Social Studies topics*
-balanced and unbalanced forces*

*Reminder! Science/Social Studies items above will vary depending on homeroom class. Mrs. Mortimer's class is learning Social Studies for the first marking period, and Mrs. Acton's homeroom is learning Science.

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!